Saved by Apple

June 30, 2009 10:22 by Jenn

It seems that our previous blogs about the rain slowly killing us have had some affect on the weather. It hasn't been raining aaaaaaas often. But no worries, showers are expected all weekend! However, I don't really buy that weather map, forecast stuff. I just go with the flow. That's the kind of attitude Sophie Frost of Essex, U.K. had when she spent an afternoon in the park with her boyfriend last week...during a thunderstorm. They had no promotional umbrellas.

The 14 year old couple sought refuge under a tree and waited out the storm. But a lightning bolt stuck that very tree and searched for its fastest way down into the Earth. It just so happened that the iPod headphones hanging around Sophie's neck provided the best trip to the ground. The bolt traveled down her body through the headphones and left her boyfriend squinting to see. He managed to carry her out of the park and to a main road where they found a ride to the hospital. There, the doctors told Sophie's family that the iPod saved her life. Instead of traveling through her body and hitting vital organs, the bolt went through the metal wire headphones. Though she was burned on the chest and stomach, she had no life threatening injuries.

I don't recommend entering a park with promotional electronics during a thunderstorm, ever. But this girl got very lucky. When I head out to lunch breaks at the nearby Cantiague park (Where three people were struck by lightning last summer) I just bring along a custom sports bottle and some good friends for a wonderful lunch break. But thank you Apple, your headphones saving little Sophie made for a delightful tale.

Japan and their Robots

June 30, 2009 02:46 by Danny

So if you haven't heard yet Japan has built themselves a full sized replica Gundam which is based on a Japanese anime series featuring giant robots also known as mecha created by Sunrise studios. With the success of building this 59ft tall Gundam Japan has decided to build a second robot, Gigantor. According to Gizmodo says Gigantor will be 60 feet tall and weighing in at 50 tons shall be located in Kobe's Wakamatsu Park. Now I wonder if I was to build a life size robot out of imprinted aluminum sport bottles along with some recycled eco-friendly promos would I stand a chance in a battle hmmm…I think I'm going to need a bigger work shop.




Holiday Shopping in July

June 29, 2009 13:02 by Ozzie

I cannot believe how fast this summer is going by. Here in Long Island, we have not really witnessed true summer weather yet, but it is already the end of June. Pretty soon we will be putting away our sunglasses and beach balls, and whipping out our ice scrapers and hand warmers. It is so amazing how time goes by so quickly. This Saturday is 4th of July weekend, and before you know it, it will be Labor Day weekend and the summer will be over and the holiday shopping season will start. It is actual the perfect time to take care of all those holiday gifts now so you are not running around all crazed when the holidays are here. My holiday preparation suggestion for this week would have to be to order your 2010 promotional calendars now while they are in stock, on sale, and you have plenty of time.

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A Night of Promotional Items

June 29, 2009 10:18 by Jenn

This weekend was the CD Release performance and party for my brother's band, Easy Anthems. They started off the night at a sweet record shop in Huntington. As they played and I danced to their wonderful anthems, I couldn't help but notice all of the promotional items surrounding me. My favorite thing about the promotional goods I was looking at was that they were all pre-CD age. A huge poster of Paul McCartney in flashy 80's clothing was stuck to the far wall. Above me was a promotional sign that read, 10 cent hair cuts. And various 60's, 70's and 80's band's pins custom stickers we stuck everywhere.

After the first set, the band grabbed their equipment and trekked out of the shop and over to a bar down the block for another show. Luckily, and by some crazy force of goodness, it wasn't raining. Down at the bar, family, friends and assorted fans awaited the second set of the night. Of course the bar was branded left and right with promotional tees and glassware--not to mention all the custom sports items I saw being worn by fans to the Subway Series that was playing above the make-shift stage. 

The tunes began again and the dancing and smiles ensued. After the show was over everyone lollygagged around the bar and I was delighted by something the drummer said. "I want to get Easy Anthems matchbooks." The band is very old school and inspired by the great oldies, which makes a pre-$1 lighter at 7-11 matchbook even more attractive. The catch is that Motivators matchbooks don't actually include matchbooks. They have a cool selection of match books that open up to either mini emeryboards or promotional match book fishing hooks. It's cool to know that Motivators caters to everyone. A hip band can look to us for great promotional gear  while a big company can trust that we'll get them their order of custom sports bottles in time for the company picnic. And it's pretty clear that Motivators makes me look at the world as one big promotional product.  

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Wilkins Coffee - Drink It or Else ....

June 29, 2009 09:38 by Mike

I was watching an episode of Attack of The Show the other day where they showed an old commercial for Wilkins Coffee, a Washington, D.C. based coffee company.  Apparently, in the late 50's, Jim Henson was approached by the coffee company to make some commercials, but they only had about 8 seconds each spot.  These commercials featured lovable Wilkins characters who apparently enjoyed Wilkins Coffee so much that they equipped themselves with a very Wile E Coyote type arsenals to destroy anyone who dare not like the coffee.  The characters who didn't like the coffee were known as Wontkins.  What I find most interesting is that, as successful as these commercials were, they would never be allowed to air today due to the focus on killing or otherwise destroying characters whenever they said they didn't want or didn't like Wilkins Coffee.


These days, perhaps a good Coffee Cup Stress Reliever or Soft Touch Travel Mug, or a selection of other Advertising Mugs from Motivators would best suit the advertising and promotional aspects of a coffee company.


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Summer Giveaway

June 29, 2009 03:13 by Laurie
The other Friday I went out with Kristen (Prep dept supervisor) and Marisa (our newest sales member) after work. We were chatting about our week when two young ladies in branded beer tank tops came up to us and offered us bottle opener keychains with the Michelob logo on them. Of course the first thing we thought about was whether or not Motivators printed these. Secondly we thought of how wonderful this giveaway was for the summer! Who doesn't need an extra bottle opener? Needless to say it is hanging on my keychain.
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pretty sneaky

June 26, 2009 09:21 by Greg
I had to bring my VW into the shop recently for its checkup.. nothing wrong with it but I try to do the preventative maintenance so I don't get any surprises but interesting enough I got one.  My VW is a 2007 so I can't take advantage of the free maintenance promotion they are pushing on all new 2009.   It was the standard oil change, and 45k checkup.. do you want to change the wipers, ohhh your brakes look bad.. maybe time to change them.. your tires still have the winter air in them, Mr. Hill, do you want the summer air?   It was the usually sales talk trying to upsell but I am seasoned veteran so I passed on all the options above the normal maintenance.  So I cruise home and decide that it is time to give my rig a wash and a shine to reward it for its trip to the dealer.  As I scrubbing it down I find my surprise.. the dealer had added a license plate frame promoting their dealership.. ohhhh sneaky.  I can't blame them for trying to slip one pass the goalie but I thought they should have asked if it would have been ok.  It is a great opportunity to create awareness for your dealership but I think the word of mouth I would have given them would have been better.  Needless to say I am looking for a new VW dealership.. anyone have a good one? * PLEASE NOTE THE IMAGE DOES NOT REPRESENT THE DEALERSHIP I WENT TO OR HAVE BEEN TO *

Vroom Vroom iChange

June 25, 2009 10:30 by Jenn

Everyone and their great Aunt Melinda can tell you all about the iPhone. Somehow everyone's got one. You can even find little 15-year-old high schooler's texting away or 80 year old grandmas chit chatting while knitting. You can make a call, take a picture, send an e-mail, check your facebook and download music. It's insane. And now it's going to get a little crazier.

A car sharing service called Zipcar is launching a free iPhone application that makes it possible to locate nearby, available vehicles and make them honk. Chief technical officer of Zipcars, Luke Schneider, said, "From inspiration to ignition, we want to make the Zipcar experience as seamless, distinct and fun as possible." Now companies are creating concept cars like the iChange, a Swiss car that has a built in iPod dock. When an iPod is docked it will authenticate the driver and start up if it is in fact the right iPod. Also following with technological advancements is Ford. They are working on a voice activated car. Hello Kit.

Motivators has many custom car accessories that are hip. There are also a ton of electronic promotional items that can help to make your car even cooler. It's important to take care of your cars. We're almost at the point where we'll all be in Batmobiles. Almost.

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Takin’ It Back to the Old School

June 25, 2009 06:36 by Anthony

With so much talk about re-branding, this particular example is kind of refreshing because they actually turned back the clock for their ‘new’ logo design. With basketball season just over, this news didn’t make that many waves, but thanks to my buddy Bill and his ‘I’ll-give-this-thing-a-try’ personal twitter page, I found out that the Philadelphia 76ers recently decided to change their logo back to the traditional logo and color scheme that was established in 1963. In my opinion, this is the most useful benefit of twitter. It might be the quickest form of sharing information on a variety of topics and because he chose to share an article about the ‘new’ Sixers logo, I have today's blog material. Ahh, the power of social media. Anyway, many of you probably recognize the logo because it was used for quite sometime, from the 60’s to the 80’s and even made an appearance in the 1996-97 season.


With so much re-branding going on lately, this scenario branches off from the trend a bit. Sure, the concept is similar. It generates a buzz and a ‘fresh’ feel for the basketball court, the game jerseys and all of the promotional hats, promotional shirts, and promotional bags that will be given out and worn around the city of Philadelphia next basketball season. Of course ‘fresh’ is a relative term since it is actually an older design. But for the fans, especially the up and coming younger generation of fans, this is a new look. It deviates from the current branding and at the same time it sparks nostalgia for some of the older fans. Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter said that "Seeing the return of the 76ers old logo with the red, white, and blue colors brings me back to the time of growing up watching Wilt Chamberlain, Hal Greer, Dr. J, and those great teams. I am excited now, as I was then, for Sixers basketball."

So in this case, the ‘re-branding’, perhaps better described as a ‘re-launch’, does the job that a brand new design would’ve done, but also generates a different feeling of excitement for long-time NBA and 76er fans as well. You never know, now that they went back to a previous logo, they could even save money if they have some extra promotional products left over from past seasons. After all, if the logo is the same, who’s going to know if those logo stress balls are from yesterday or 1984?

Blast off to Enceladus.

June 24, 2009 10:02 by Jenn

If you follow any of my bloggity blogs you may have seen that I've been car shopping. After a month and a half of wheel-less-ness, I have bought a spaceship. Now you may be thinking, "Wow, Jenn. I thought you had a tight budget." And you're right. I was only willing to drop 500 bucks on my last vehicle. It lasted for two years and 35,000 miles. But this time around I wanted an upgrade. Big spender. A whole grand.

To the normal eye, my 93 Mercury station wagon may look like an old crappy car, perfect for big families or surfers looking for a roomy beach car. I am neither of those two things. And my space ship is not an old crappy car. In fact, the whole dashboard is digital. It has hidden lights under the hood and in secret compartments. And it went for its first blast off last night.

I decided to visit Saturn because it became the most attractive planet after Pluto was kicked off the team a couple years ago.
After floating around the planet for a bit I got bored and decided to do some loops around the nearby moons. After a run in with some Klingons (Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam is what they said to me,) Han Solo and Chewbacca shot down the enemy space shuttle and I hitched my spaceship wagon to the back of E.T.'s bicycle. He dropped me off on the nearby moon, Enceladus. That's where I bumped into a couple groups of scientists.

"We found particles containing sodium salts on this planet!" the scientist to my right shouted. "There must be liquid water underneath!"
"Wow!" I exclaimed. "Time to whip out the alien promotional products and build some hotels on this moon."
"No. No. No," the scientist to my left said as he shook his head. "We found no sodium in our study. Without water there can be no life."
"What a bummer," I replied while handing E.T. ten bucks for the ride. "I was looking forward to turning this little plane t into the next Vegas. There's a free light show 24/7."
"Well fine lady, if our further research confirms that there is life sustaining water on Enceladus we will let you know." the scientist to my right said.

With that, the two scientist teams blasted away in their respective spacecrafts and  with hope that a vacation to outer space wasn't impossible, I woke up from my dream and told myself, "Just because your car seats 8 and is amazingly comfortable, doesn't mean you can ditch your wonderful bed at home."

Though I didn't really meet up with those scientists, they really did research the planet of Enceladus and will be doing more tests to confirm or refute the idea that life can be sustained on the moon Enceladus. Check out Thursday's edition of the science journal Nature for a more complete report.

While I wait to hear about the possibility of extraterrestrial life, I'll be getting my spaceship in order with custom auto accessories. I'll also be loading up on promotional apparel because the estimated temperature of Enceladus is a nice and chilly NEGATIVE 307 degrees. We're going to be looking at some snow man aliens sometime soon.

Jenn does not support the use of blasters. I am strictly a light saber girl.
Motivators in no way advocates alien/snowman violence. Grab some custom imprinted stress balls and get happy.

Become a True Backpacker

June 24, 2009 08:43 by Adam

As Laurie mentioned, its never to early to start thinking about the next school year. Sure, June means the end of one child's school year but to a teacher or principal it means less than 3 months to get ready to do it all over again. Keep in mind, this isn't just your grade school teachers and principals there are college administrators and professors around the country that have the same worries about preperation that their grade school equivalents have. One of the most important tasks at any school come September is to get the students excited about class, you have to get them to the school first keep in mind which can be hard enough. To help solve this problem, in steps promotional bags! Bags aren't my favorite category of the promotional world for no reason mind you.The right promotional bag will provide a great amount of usage to the end user, will be used often, and then will be seen by so many eyes often. As far as promotional bags for schools go my favorite is the messenger bag. It is a stylish, useful piece that normally has a very large imprint area and runs the range of prices.  Messenger bags aren't the only bag to help students take books back and forth. We also have a huge selection of backpacks and the always popular drawstring backpacks. The student life is not an easy one no matter what grade you are in, why not offer a student close to you a promotional bag to make it that much easier?