August 18, 2009 12:41 by Ozzie

The other day, I had a tremendous craving for yogurberry and could not control myself. I drove 20 minutes to the nearest location for one of their cool and delicious smoothies. I admit, I could have made something similar to it at home and saved myself the cash; just add fresh fruit, ice, vanilla yogurt (though no forzen yogurt, since I do not have a frozen yogurt machine at home!!!) and pretty much I could have made something compatible that would have probably tamed my craving. But NO - I dragged a friend of mine who is staying with me for a week and we took a drive, and on the way there I find out that my friend had a collection that I was not aware of. After we bought our smoothies, he pointed out that we should not throw out the plastic containers. I didn't think much of it, until we got home and I saw that he was washing them and bringing them to his room. So I couldn't control myself, I had to ask - what are you doing with those?? It turns out that my friend likes to collect plastic and paper cups from fast food restaurants. I know it seems odd, but I guess it is better than a gum wrapper or newspaper collection. If it were me, I would prefer maybe something more like a promotional stress ball or promotional pen collection, but whatever floats his boat!

I know it really does not fall into his category, but I was thinking of bring home the Sporty Poly Clean Bottle with Push Pull Lid, item# 33827, I have sitting on my desk, as a going away gift for him. Who knows, maybe it will spark something and he will start a collection of promotional water bottles.


You Scream. I Scream. We all Scream for Vegetables!

August 18, 2009 07:56 by Jenn

One of the most recognized sounds as a child is the jingle played over and over by the local ice cream truck. All sorts of ice cream and promotional food are stacked in the ice cream truck and available for sale to happy kids and their wallet holding parents. 

Many of the ice creams offered from the ice cream man are staples of our childhood. The baseball mitt shaped ice cream with a gumball stuck in the middle. The traditional snow cone and a chocolate dipped soft serve cone. While these all sound appealing, I can think of something they're lacking. Nutrition. Don't fret you health freaks, there's a new guy in town, he's stolen the ice cream mans truck and disguised it wonderfully as, the vegetable truck!           

                 Peaches and Greens Vegetable Truck
It drives around much like your typical ice cream truck, but instead of cavity and diabetes inducing treats, this is a healthy source for all of your vegetable needs driving at 5 miles an hour down your block. Detroit has been called a, "Food Desert," and a statistic showing that one neighborhood had 25 liquor stores compared to one grocery store, didn't help its reputation. Thankfully, a nonprofit Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation is working on getting food out to the urban areas. “Peaches and Greens” runs out of a more rural area in Detroit and grows its own produce. Now, the corporation has decorated their own vegetable truck and is cycling around the urban area of Detroit.

                                   Promotional Vegetable Stress Balls

I can't say if they have their own jingle, but I can imagine the sadness a child might feel when they run out to the front yard telling, "Ice Cream!" and instead find lettuce and string beans. But it's about time eating healthy goes mainstream. Two Detroit teens hired to help with the vegetable truck service were presented with zucchini and had no idea what it was.

Perhaps they can start giving away custom stress balls in the shape of vegetables and fruits to educate those that are both knowledge and food hungry.

DIY Recycled A Wine Bottle?

August 18, 2009 02:18 by Danny

I know the summer is almost over, but I found this really cool do it yourself, DIY, tutorial that I thought looked really neat. A DIY Recycled Wine Bottle Torch it is relatively inexpensive to make costing around five dollars and it looks really good too. I would not recommend trying this with an Imprinted Aluminum Sport Bottle it might melt the neck of the bottle but a wine bottle is ideal according to the designer. Who knows maybe you will be the center of talk at the office after you invite the co-workers over for some backyard barbeque.


Promotional Puzzle Protection

August 17, 2009 08:20 by Jenn
Have you ever been somewhere and felt like you needed two key locks, four deadbolts, and a wedged chair to stay safe? You're going to need hefty promotional keychains to hold all of those keys.) The floors were an unrecognizable color and your feet stuck to the undisclosed liquids on it. You couldn't decide if you wanted the lights on or off in fear that they'd know you're in there...but you wondered, "Are they already in here?"

In those cases, chances are you were running from a mean ole’ deranged murderer in fear of your life- or it means you are that murderer and you were hiding from the cops. It's also possible that you were just a bit paranoid and need to take a chill pill and squeeze a custom imprinted stress ball- this is Howard Johnson's, not a dark, city alley.

Now if you are curled in a ball on the floor of a dingy hotel room, after a dramatic escape by foot from the scary murderer’s claws, you're going to be scared out of your mind. Every creak or crack, poof or bing that you hear is going to spook the bejesus out of you. So take my advise and purchase the best "Hiding from predator," lock ever made.


Is it super durable because it's made of melted down promotional aluminum water bottles? No.
Does it have advanced technologies like our custom electronic items, enabling it to wow even the most computer savvy fellow? No.
Is it a fun game, perfect for taking your mind off of impending torture and death? Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding-Dong. You've got it! But don't come in, not while we're playing with our amazing promotional chain puzzle door lock.

This awesome gadget is so cool it can fit into any category. I think it's mostly a promotional puzzle- though it does serve as an awesome custom safety product as well.

It's good to know that when there is an imminent threat to your life, there's a fun puzzle to take your mind off of the morbid.

Eaten Alive

August 17, 2009 03:25 by Laurie
This Saturday was a busy busy day. We started off at the beach out east, then went to Islip for my nieces birthday, and lastly to a backyard party. Oddly in all three locations I was in need of some mosquito bug repellent! I hate the feeling of bugs on me while trying to relax outside and enjoy. While I carry almost everything in my bag I lack a pocket size bug repellant. It is such a great Summer giveaway that everyone can use! From now on I will be carrying my very own bug spray. 


Variety is the spice of life... right!!!

August 14, 2009 10:29 by Greg

I recently moved to a new town and have been checking out the local hot spots and I have found my home away from home.  Gulu Gulu.. it is a fun bar with great art on the walls from local artist that rotate monthly, they have wednesday open mic night, tuesday game night, monday movie night, etc.. it is fun.  The best part is the beer selection.. yummmyyyy.  They have a selection of drafts that span the world.  It is not all drinking and merryment each time we go.  We do learn something each time we imbibe, different style of beers are best served in a specific glassware.  Pilsner glasses, made to showcase the color, effervescence, and clarity of the pilsner.  Flute glasses, similar to large champagne flute, generally used to serve Belgian lambics and fruit beers.  Tulip glasses used to trap aromas and best used for scottish ales, barleywines, belgian ales and other aromatic beers and of course the pint glass considered good for serving stouts, porters and english ales.  All of the specific glasses mentioned above they have at my new watering hole and each branded with a beer makers logo to help me and the bar keeps distinguish which glass works best with each tap.. especially in the wee hours of the evening Wink.  This history lesson of beer and glasses sure does get ones taste buds going.. is it 530 yet ?    and I wonder when they will get the beer boot.


Making Contact At Last

August 14, 2009 07:38 by Jenn

Today I had an epiphany. Something really important in my life was put into perspective. For years I've had such a passion about this and today, I found out that I really am not alone. We all want to feel that connection- and get confirmation that aliens do exist.

Some people live their lives with hopes to happily marry the love of their lives and have tons of children to show for it.
Other people (like some here) want only to find the most intriguing and useful promotional products around.
But for me, aliens are it. See them. Touch them. Smell them. Be them. Or at least have a wonderful bi-(Species?) child.

Sometimes you can catch me skipping lunch just to gaze at my favorite alien shaped custom stress balls during my break. Other days you'll hear me talking about my spaceship (yet to blast off.) And today, I can reveal why I'm usually not here on Fridays. Every Friday is crop circle day, so I go out east and bend corn stalks down to form signals for my beloved aliens.

But what makes this Friday different? It was revealed to me that I don't need to drive 100 miles and trespass on people’s land to talk to the aliens. For today I say, "Hello from Earth." This absolutely amazing website is welcoming everyone to channel into their space side. Forget Facebook, say goodbye to Twitter and meet my new favorite social media site; where you can write a 160 character message to extra terrestrials outside of our solar system.

In 10 days, these messages will be transmitted to the planet Gliese 581d, where there is speculation of other life. On the Hello from Earth website people all over the world are creating personal messages to whoever will listen up there. It's amazing to see other people with a genuine interest in outer space. Some of my favorite posts are:

"If you come to earth look into: music, the beach, ice cream, hugs, family, love, dancing, cheese, trampolines, friendship, books and dreams. Just for a start."
Tamasin. Richmond, Australia
"Hello from planet Earth. Please tell us how you don't get dizzy in your spinning UFO's - I get sick looking at Merry-Go-Rounds. Are you Aliens good looking ?"
Billy. Portland Victoria, Australia
"sulp newoo atrem dakkar betthe orfffm. suup neue wielf. Greetings from planet earth."
toby. Masterton, New Zealand

Many posts ask the universe’s most challenging questions like. Does God exist? How was the universe created? Which way does the toilet bowl flush up there? And do you guys like beer?

Others ask that the aliens come and save us from ourselves. And of course for our safety, some people are asking that the aliens be peaceful during any visits to Earth.

It's awesome to see people from all over the world fascinated by this. It brings out the child in everyone and is a reminder that no one knows it all. It kind of  brings you back down to Earth. Right where I'd like to meet up with some aliens.

You’re encouraged to write your own message. Maybe aliens are big fans of custom imprinted products. In my opinion, Motivators should write a well crafted message and send in an order for a special promotional keychains. They’ll be perfect alien gift for use on their UFO keys- just incase they decide Gliese 581d is more habitable then out humble little Earth.


Personal imprinting on promotional sport balls

August 13, 2009 11:06 by Bill P

For those of you who know me I tend to be a little on the passionate side when it comes to my sports teams. I can say I deserve a medal for all I have been through since I began watching sports. My roots go back to about 1983, the 4th year in a row of the Islanders winning the Stanley Cup. Problem is I was only 8 and do not remember too much of it. To top it off I am also a Jets fan. So last year I got REALLY excited when they started 8-2 and beat the un-beaten Titans. I had visions of possibly seeing one of my teams win a championship. Well as we all know that vision crumbled in a horrific manner. Well anyway I have a bunch of promotional products on my desk two of which are the mini sports balls - vinyl footballs - 7 inch and the Large Football. When I got these they were blank but I turned them into my own personal printing items.


Some people tried to tell me I was a bad fan when I did this. I was like no I am a hurt fan. If they only knew what i had done at home! I took my jersey, hats, shirts, sweatshirt and pajama pants bagged them up ans threw them out. I swore off Football. I told everyone if the coach gets to keep his job I will never watch again. Well they did not keep the coach and got a new one so I am going to give this cursed franchise yet another chance to not ruin my life. I am now going to have to get all new Jets promotional products! Lucky me, maybe I need some anger management classes.

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almost as good as eating it

August 13, 2009 09:48 by Sara

Love eating over the top fatning foods but hate all the calories?  Well theres a blog for that! Tongue out  A recent trend in blogging is that of the food blog.  Pictures of food, recipies, trendy cupcake blogs, blogs about food in different states and cities and more have made their way onto the web and into your homes.  Upon engaging in some googling earlier, I found a blog dedicated to Ramen noodles.  Who knew that something I have adored since elementary school would become such a household staple, and even further get its own blog!  At you can watch commercials about ramen, find and share new and unique recipies and even review products.  Another great food blog is, with all the pictures of cupcakes you could ever want.  All of these blogs (besides making me hungry) made me think of what a great promotion a blog really is.  Having a blog makes consumers interested in your product, and even keeps them up to date on new and exciting changes.  However, think about the possibilities when someone actually recieves something tangible from your brand!  Not only does it give them an incentive to buy from you, but with items like a keychain or a t-shirt, the brand will constantly be present.  Many food companies, such as the ones mentioned, may choose to advertise with various food products.  Over at we have an array of candy, cookies, chocolate and popcorn promotional products.   Think about the exposure a brand (or even blog!) can receive by giving out samples of their product.  Just please, no samples of this:


(taken from which may be the grossest food blog ever)

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Saying "I Do," to Imprinted Aluminum Sport Bottles.

August 13, 2009 09:35 by Jenn

I live a wonderful life and love my friends and family, however, I am lacking an actual suitor. Many of you are indulging in some puppy-love, some of you are living with your stud-muffins and honey-bunnies and others have tied the knot, sealed the deal, badabing, no pre-nup necessary, got married. I, have not. And in the wake of another objectum-sexuality case, I think it's time I join the majority of you on the merry love boat. (Sure, sure you other single people can come to...if you bring along a hot promotional item.)

A Nigerian man just broke the news that he plans to wed his pillow after 10 years of snuggling and not even one night apart. Because of his stutter he finds talking to woman difficult. And so, pillow it is. Pillow will never laugh at him and never make him mow the lawn either. Now, I'm kind of interested in finding an attractive pillow.But after some consideration, I thought, what can a pillow do for me? Sure we'll have a great nightlife, but only in bed. I want to adventure everywhere.


So after perusing the world of promotional products, I proposed to one of the most handsome custom aluminum water bottles I've ever touched, this afternoon. I'll fill him with water and admire his strong, durable body. He'll refresh me with water whenever I need it and let me fight off other men with just one swing of his custom water bottle self. (It was his extra shiny appearence that made him stand out from the other imprinted aluminum sport bottles.) I've got my gown and he's being fitted for a suit as we speak. (Gosh I miss him.)

After the ceremony we plan to visit the Eiffel Tower for our honeymoon, where we'll meet with Erika la Tour Eiffel, the ex-U.S. Army soldier who married the tower in 2007 and had her name changed legally. My darling personalized aluminum sport bottle will come up to the top with me where we can enjoy the view and purchase souvenir promotional keychains to commemorate our everlasting, binding love.


You're all invited to our wedding ceremony. It's to take place tomorrow afternoon at 12:30p.m. in the break room. All custom wedding favors are welcomed. I just can't wait to be Jennifer Mary Imprinted Aluminum Sport Bottles.

Oh and please respond with your dinner requests. Chicken, beef or fish. Thank you.


Why Didn't I Think of This?

August 13, 2009 08:38 by Sarah

After working in the promotional product industry for over three years now, I'd like to believe that I've got a decent amount of marketing ideas and successful ways to use promotional products. And after interviewing people at the NY Bar Show last year and finding out that everyone loves promotional t-shirts more than anything else, I'd like to think that I could have used that knowledge to my advantage. But alas, I am clearly not as intelligent as Jason Sadler...aka the man who's putting promotional back in promotional t-shirts.

His premise was simple. The beginning of this year he began an experiment with his website He made himself a walking billboard by having people pay him to wear their promotional t-shirts. He'd take pics in the shirt, youtube videos in the shirt, ustream in the shirt and blog. He'd talk about the company and really PROMOTE. The pricing structure was simple. On January 1st, he'd charge $1. On Jan 2nd, the cost would be upped to $2. You've all figured out that December 31st the cost went up to $365, yes? Ok good.

Well, it worked. Not only has 2009 completely sold out, but with sponsorships and contests and being featured this afternoon on a little website by the name of Jason is sitting pretty. According to who broke this story a few days ago, Jason will make over $70,000 this year ALONE. And here's a fun fact for all of you...

The average cost per impression for a promotional item is approximately $0.004. With Jason ustreaming, flickring, youtubing, tweeting and facebooking, that number just went down significantly. After all, that's this man's whole point: to promote. And he does it well. He's got over 15K followers on twitter and that's just one way he's going about spreading the word for these companies.

And of course, you're paying him to wear your shirt but you can send him more than just your shirt. He even suggests one of the most well known promotional products : the company branded stress ball.


So in conclusion, all of us in the promotional industry owe Jason a thank you for making the promotional t-shirt hot again. And you can do it in the following ways:

Tweet Him @iwearyourshirt

Facebook Him Jason Stadler on Facebook

Leave him a comment on Flickr iwearyourshirt's photostream

Watch him on YouTube's Daily Videos