Promotional iPod Accessories on the iPods 8th Birthday

October 23, 2009 09:47 by Jenn
Eight years ago today, the world was changed forever. Behold, a child was born into the world by a virgin bride who would- wait that's not the right story. So really eight years ago, the way we live life today was forever changed because in a galaxy far, far away- ugh, that's not it either. Eight years ago, on this very day, this glorious day, the world as we know it was made possible when Apple released the first-ever, iPod.

Though I'm unsure of everyone's promotional electronics investments, I am sure that almost all of you own an iPod. In fact, Apple has come so far in eight years that I'm sure many of you own an iPhone as well.
                   Happy Eighth Birthday iPod! You're A Big Boy Now! (iPod Cake)

At eight years old I was in a student-written school play. My role was the daughter in a family of four that was stranded in the desert. To make things interesting (this was written by me and ten other 8-year-olds) we decided that I would have a magical camera. When this said camera took a photograph, the objects in the photo would come to life. It made for a brilliant production of dancing cacti and singing bats.

At eight years old the iPod has transformed the music industry by relocating major sales to their iTunes store and made media sharing easy. Now people can bring thousands of songs, photographs, videos and even documents with them no matter where they go.

Actually, iPods have reached such great heights, that Motivators now has an entere supply of promotional iPod accessories.   

It's fair to say that while I was a wonderful little 8-year-old, the iPod has had a more flourishing eight years of life thus far. With a category devoted to promotional iPod accessories on Motivators as well as countless knock off brand promotional MP3 players, the victory is quite clear. 

Now I'm just waiting to see a new "Magical Camera Feature" that will mimic my 3rd grade play. I'm sure Apple's got something of the likes up their gadget and gizmos sleeve. In no time we'll be able to add it to our promotional iPod accessories and reap the benefits of one of the best advertised, best selling, best, best, best products around. 

Oh...Childhood Regression, How I Love You

October 22, 2009 09:44 by Sarah

As I was just writing a paragraph regarding Proposition 65, the California ballot initiative that requires any drinkware being sold in, distributed in, or shipped to California to be free of any harmful chemicals, I looked at the clock. 4:35PM. I sighed and thought to myself, tick tock. And then my mind said "Tick, tock, goes the clock on the Wall of Buckley." And then I panicked, worried that I was having some sort of a stroke because that un-clever rhyme came out of my mouth approximately, 17 years ago. Why am I thinking of this now? Why in the middle of October when I'm writing about Proposition 65 compliant drinkware should I be thinking about spouting off horribly cliche rhymes that I came up with when I was 9?

I'm not going to attempt to explain it, I'm just gonna go with it. If anything ever shouted "blog material" it was that thought right there. Why? Sure we could go with the fact that as a camper at Buckley Country Day Camp in Roslyn, NY I got my very first taste of writing for the Buckley Banter, the camp's newspaper.  We could say that Buckley has a great connection to Motivators since two Buckley alums are currently being employed here. The first being me, and the second being Rebecca in prep who coincidentally I've known since I was 13. But I don't think I want to go with any of those reasons. I think I'm gonna go with the default logic that ties not only all my blogs together, but pretty much the universe as whole together: promotional products.

In the 13 years I attended Buckley, I aqcuired a plethora of promotional products. Now, I know you're thinking "13? Who goes to camp for 13 years? What did you do fail at recreation? Were you slow at snack time? Could you not conquer the playground?" Well, to answer those questions, no, yes and I often got stuck in those tube thingies, but the truth of the matter was that I was in it for the long haul. I was a Beaver, then a Bobcat, then a Bengal, then a Bear, then a CIT (that's counselor-in-training for all you non campers not down with the lingo) and then finally a counselor. Eventually the camp extended it's program to include Bunnies (2 year olds) and Badgers (which came after Bobcats). In fact, I skipped right on over Badgers because I was so least that's what I tell myself on nights when I can't get to sleep. Update: they've now apparently added bulldogs to the roster. Totally not as cool.

Regardless if there was one thing that Buckley was all about: it was promotional products. Every year campers got custom t-shirts imprinted with the camp name. Uh, you kinda have to have those for picture day. And the staff wore custom t-shirts too. I still remember, we'd get 5 custom t-shirts and 2 custom embroidered polo shirts. But it wasn't just about the shirts. If you were a member of the elusive 5 year club, you got a special promotional product every summer (as well as a trip to Splish Splash.) The 5 Year club...that's when the getting got good. We got custom backpacks, custom sweatshirts, windbreakers...we got some good stuff. In fact, my absolute favorite childhood toy is the promotional stuffed animal I received on my initiation day. It's not because it's the greatest most quality stuffed animal ever, but because I was pretty much waterboarded to get the damn bear.

You see, back in the 90s things weren't as strict as they are today. Today, it's all about positivity and encouragement. Back then it was more about embarassment and humiliation. Now I'd imagine being welcomed into the 5 year club you get patted on the back and smiled at. I'm sure kids look forward to it. But I didn't back then. Because my initiation into the 5 year club consisted of: standing in my bathing suit in a tub of ice water (with ice), having chocolate syrup, ice cream, whipped cream dumped on top of me, then having an egg broken atop my head as I stood there and had to receit a poem in front of the entire camp. If the counselors in charge deemed me worthy, I would get hosed off. If not, I would have to jump in the algae filled pond to get clean. Thankfully I got the hose. And then my humiliation and suffering was rewarded with a...promotional product.

And you know what, every time I look at that bear (affectionately named Pandalina), I remember the good old days. And I honestly mean that. Sure I joke about the torture, but that naggy PR side of me is making me admit I'm kidding, it was fun. I had some of the greatest years of my life at that camp. I met friends for life there. I met my senior prom date there! Coincidentally, I met my junior prom date there too via Rebecca. And I think that kids today don't know what they're missing. Sure maybe it's a little Sue Sylvester of me to suggest that children be made into ice cream sundaes for the sheer enjoyment of their peers, but hey I was and I turned out just fine. (Not a word all of you...not a word)

And that's how Sarah C's it.


Promotional Personal Accessories in the Pink Cab

October 22, 2009 08:48 by Jenn

I'm fairly comfortable in uncomfortable situations. I can throw out self deprecating jokes to turn awkward silence into less awkward laughter and I can take an insult. But one thing that I'm generally always irked by is grimy men. That doesn't go for all men. To be honest, women are just as good or possibly better at whipping out the ole hit-or-miss pick up lines. However, the real gross-osity occurs when real words aren't involved. Instead a slew of whistles, "ooooh," and "maaaaaami" come spouting out and I'm left feeling invaded. (Unless you're an alien, in which case, keep probing.)
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Ladies, if you dress this way while casually walking down the block in this world, you are asking to be a victim. Also, take notice to those cheeky leers. I'll grant them a 6 on the creep-o-meter.

Now, how often do you gentlemen fear taking a walk, hopping on a bus or going to the grocery store? Do you put on oversized Barney tee shirts and tease your hair in an effort to look as unattractive as possible? Have you ever typed 911 in your phone and held it close to you...just in case? Chances are no. But maybe I'm just paranoid.

Still, it's not my fault that said men in my lovely town of Freeport think whistling and leering eyes are welcoming. Not to mention, I read the paper and I try to avoid any compromising situations. That's why I think the new Pink Taxi service started up in Pueblo, Mexico is an awesome idea.
To make traveling more comfortable for women in Pueblo, a fleet of 35 female-driven, neon pink taxis have been issued. These taxis will only pick up woman and come equip with an alarm button and tracking device. They've even used promotional products to make these pink taxis more attractive; each cab comes with great in cab promotional personal accessories. The beauty kits include a large vanity mirror for getting fixed up.

Woman's right activists are saying this is a silly idea that sugar coats the real problem of violence by men against women. However, I'd have to say that I personally would feel super comfy in an air-conditioned pink cab with a sweet senorita driving me around exotic Mexico while I make use of those promotional personal accessories.

While the rate of crime against women may go down because of the new female-driven taxi cab service there is one problem I foresee - a rise in car accidents. Sorry ladies, it's just a fact. But if I'm going to blast men for being perverted I can at least rag on us for the inattentive driving skills we sometimes excel in.

Why am I a Jet's Fan again?

October 22, 2009 03:05 by Bill P

It is the fall and that can only mean one thing. Jets fans across the country are sitting at home almost every Sunday with their head's in their hand's asking themselves what just happened? I know I am and I usually expect the worst from my team but some how, some way every year they give me a flicker of hope and make me get excited just to kick me right in the stomach. I don't know why I keep letting this happen to me. It is a good thing the Colors Rally Towel is a very soft, absorbant towel to dry all the tears of anger off of my face. See mine below! I also have my Brute Paper Bag (I imprint these myself) to cover my face when I go to the games. I love it when my Promotional Product can console me.



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Holiday Goodness with Promotional Ceramic Mugs

October 21, 2009 09:43 by Jenn

When the winter weather starts to set in, it's best to focus on the better things that winter brings. Like togetherness among families and friends. Tidings of good joy and my favorite, hot chocolate and cookies by a toasty fire place. If you're lacking a fire place, no worries, just come on down to my house. But be sure to bring your own promotional ceramic mugs.

No plates are needed for the cookies; I'll display them on a lovely holiday plate for us all to share. Unless of course you come equipped with the coolest promotional ceramic mugs I've ever seen. These newly designed, tea and biscuit encouraging mugs were designed by Dominic Skinner and are the next best thing since sliced bread.

The unique shape allows for you to fill the mug up with a tasty hot beverage and the convenient cut out at the bottom of the ceramic mug is perfect for slipping in a couple of cookies. Now you can avoid the extra dirty cookie dishes and focus on enjoying every inch of those delicious cookies as you dip them into your drink of choice.

Soak up the sun today. Soon we'll be huddling over an open fire to escape the snows fury - custom ceramic mugs in hand. If the "Dunk Mug" isn't for you, there are tons of other fun, traditional or unique custom promotional mugs to choose from.

My Favorite Gyros

October 21, 2009 05:25 by Adam

If you are an avid Motivators Company Blog reader than you know that a few months ago I moved into a new apartment in cozy Auburndale,Queens (You aren't alone in never hearing of it before). Now I don't know about you but one of the first things I do when I move into a new neighborhood is check out the local eateries. Where are the good bars? Where are the good late night places? Perhaps most importantly is where is the local take out/delivery places? I collected all the good delivery menus and one stood out above and beyond. Gyro World. It caught my eye as a great late night eatery and as it would turn out it is also a great delivery place. They have GREAT gyros.

Now before I tell my story a quick side note. I have been working with promotional products for about 3 years. However, it is still extremely rare that I encounter a good quality useful promotional product handed to me as a regular everyday person.  Off the top of my head I got an LCD Fan in front of Shea Stadium once and some bottle opener keychains at WingFest in Buffalo. They were nice, but they didn't surprise or really excite me.

Which brings me back to this past Friday night, shortly before the Yankee/Angel game. I had some friends over for the game and we were trying to decide on what to order. It took a little while but we all agreed on Gyro World. We ordered a few dinner platters and about 30-40 minutes later the food arrived. What, you ask, made this encounter notable? Well, as my roommate opened the door to receive the food I saw in the corner of my eye a bright orange color enter our apartment. The food arrived in a bright orange non woven tote bag! Now I know, I'm well aware I'm a dork to get excited about this but it was a completely unexpected useful promotional product!  They didn't skimp either, you can't tell in the picture but it was a double sided imprint too. My compliments to Gyro World on figuring out a great, non-chalant way, to not only be eco-friendly in your food delivery but also to show your customers you care AND keep your name and number in front of them too.

 To you Gyro World here is a little bit more advertisement for you, and next time I'm there, I'll be carrying my business card.


Lexus Trying To Compete In Super Car Market

October 21, 2009 04:05 by Sung

The Lexus brand is known as a luxury automaker that specializes in luxury sedans and SUV's. With the recent launch of the Nissan's R35 Gtr hitting the market, Lexus wanted a super car of its own. My friend who lives in florida actually spotted a rare LS-F and took a picture with his iphone. "Back in May, we reported that the Lexus LF-A will make its official debut at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show and will hit the streets in 2010. Now, according to our trusted sources (this include also Japan’s Best Car Magazine), we found out that the new supercar will carry a 4.8-liter V10 engine, codenamed ‘1LR-GEU’, capable to deliver an impressive 550 hp. Regarding the production of the car: this will be limited to 500 units, while 120 units will be delivered in Japan! Deliveries are set to start in mid-2010! More details to be revealed!"

Anytime a new production car comes out, a company spends thousands of dollars in its marketing campaign in branding there name. Here at  we offer varieties of Auto related items for all of the car loving enthusiast out there. These custom Sports Car Stress Relievers, Custom Supercars Book, and Custom Sports Car History Book can be a great gift. 

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Bathroom Humor at the Trade Show

October 20, 2009 09:40 by Jenn

Today Mother Nature tricked us again with a brisk morning but a sun-shining afternoon. So toss off those heavy coats and strip back down to your summer-time swim suit and flip flops; let's celebrate the last of the sun before the fluffy whites come our way.

Now that we're all properly dresses for this most wonderful day, let's run around and break a sweat. A trip to the beach? Take the day off and floor-it to Splish Splash? Hopin the pool for an after work evening of Marco Polo? You decide.

I know exactly what I'm doing to make the most of the rays today. Because when I'm hot and sticky there's only one place I'd like to be. It's as refreshing as a misting water fall and as cooling as that central air you got installed last summer. It's bigger then a promotional fan but smaller then global cooling. No, no my dear Motivators friends it’s not LL Cool Jay.
To cool off after a hot day I'm heading to China to bask in the glory or should I say, under the glory of the first ever, toilet seat waterfall. Now, hush-hush all you neigh-sayers, I know what you're thinking. Wouldn't the Hicksville dump be a shorter trip to find a plethora of trashed toilets? It would. But in Foshan, China, there's actual water flowing down each and every abandoned toilet. Mmmmmm, I can imagine the rush of cold water down my back right now.

You may find it an odd attraction but listen up, if we're going to practice sustainability, why not do it in the strangest way possible. You can go the normal route and use tons of environmentally friendly products to promote the green-life, but why not shake it up?
Let's build our own masterpiece of fallen promotional products and create something as equally absurd. I'm open to all ideas. Just shoot them this way. After we've created our environmentally friendly products masterpiece we can hop on a plane to China and bathe beneath the 16 foot high, 356 feet wide toilet, sink and urinal waterfall.

Whose to thank for this marvelous recycled toilet display? The tradeshow industry of course! The upcoming pottery and porcelain products event is using this crazy waterfall to draw in more attendees. Hopefully they'll be using promotional antibacterial products as giveaways. With National Hand Washing week only two months away (December) they may want to keep this up for a great awareness event attraction.

Sharing My Pain: Why Promotional T-Shirts Just Don't Cut It Today

October 20, 2009 08:41 by Sarah

It was Seeley Booth on Bones who once uttered the phrase "Spread the pain, that's my new motto!" Here in the Bungalow (the lovely home of myself, the other Sarah and Carolina) we firmly believe in spreading our pain. It started off simply: Sarah would smell a scented item that wasn't up to our standards and she'd say "Oh, god, smell that." And I would, and then I'd gag. Then there was the time I returned with mystery flavor Doritos and made them both taste some. The mystery flavor was Mountain Dew and if you think that Mountain Dew should not be made into a Dorito, here's a fun fact: you're right. Occasionally, Sarah will return with a particularly horrific overheard conversation in the bathroom and both Carolina and I will end up with a nauseating mental image and we'll just ask "Why?" And her simple response: "I needed to share my pain."

So today, I'm sharing my pain with all of you and my pain is a promotional t-shirt.

Don't get me wrong, I love promotional t-shirts. I really do. Have a whole bunch of them. In fact I have a whole box of breast cancer awareness t-shirts that are sitting on the floor behind me as I write waiting to be claimed by their owners since they didn't get worn at the walk on Sunday. We went, it was just wet and we favored jackets over t-shirts. I managed to pick up two promotional t-shirts at Dave and Busters last week when WFAN was there. They're great for lounging around the house and they're great for promoting your cause. In fact, according to ASI, shirts are the most commonly owned promotional items, second to promotional writing instruments (which, despite where I work I never seem to have available at home, but that's another blog for another day.) So yeah, shirts...they're awesome. But sometimes, they just don't cut it. Today is one of those days.

I opened up an email blast from NCIS Music (we all know I'm obsessed with NCIS yes?), earlier this morning and read that the clips of the new soundtrack were available. I didn't click through to the website (I had coffee to make and a job to get to) but I did scan the email to see if there was any mention of giveaways. Hey man, I'm all about the swag. After all, it is kinda my job. The email did make mention of the giveaways. Of course it did. In fact it said this:

"Last season, lucky fans won autographed CDs and posters, iPods and exclusive t-shirtsIn fact, the winner of our "Special Agent For A Day" contest spent yesterday on the set of NCIS, hanging out, watching as an episode was filmed and
meeting cast members!"

Cue my TV show related contest losing depression. Had I won that, that's what I would have been doing yesterday. And today Keri and I would be laying by a pool fondly reminicising about meeting the cast. Or we'd be crusing LA in a Mustang doing awesome California things. I know what you're thinking. Seriously Sarah, why get whiny over a contest? On any other given day, I wouldn't care.  It's just that I was *THIS* close to having that happen. 

The Special Agent for a Day Contest required you to change your profile pic on all your social media sites to one of you holding up the NCIS soundtrack. 14 people would be selected and of those 14, ONE would be the special agent for a day. Keri made me an awesome picture (she photoshopped on the words "Gibbs Rule #13: ROCK ON!") Not suprisingly enough (the pic was awesome), I was chosen. Everyone seemed to get pretty excited for me and Keri and we thought we were a shoe-in. Until the final announcement that the girl who's picture was RIGHT NEXT TO MINE was chosen. That day..sucked. ALOT. When my promotional t-shirt arrived in the mail, I glared at it knowing that it was my pity prize. I've come to love it, it's pretty comfy and the NCIS Music logo is kinda cool. I may have even worn it on the day of the season premiere, unless you all think that's cheesy and stupid in which case, I totally didn't do that.

So, I love my shirt. But today, knowing that yesterday I could have been on set with the cast...I could have seen Abby's lab. I could have met Bert! I could have met Ducky. I could have met...McGee. Today, I'm not so much a fan of promotional t-shirts. As a good friend put it, "Well it's a T-shirt ;) Not a trip to La and a hug from Sean....<sigh>" Sigh, is right Bree. Sigh is right.

I shared my pain with Keri this morning who really appreciated it. Her exact words "Thank you for depressing me today. I really appreciate it. Take me down with you." Well Ker, you should have BEEN THERE with me. And since you're not...just had to share my pain.


I Love Promotional Gifts

October 20, 2009 04:20 by Bill P

As the newest addition to the Motivators team (as of last Monday), I am trying my best to catch on fast so that I can dive head first into being a Promotional Consultant.  In between training and spying on my co-workers (to pick up the BEST practices), I was being showered with promotional gifts. First, while I was hanging out in the Marketing Department, Sarah Ellis gave me a custom imprinted Colorful Lip Balm.

Not only does it have an SPH 15, but the Acai Berry flavor is deliciously addicting. Then, Adam gave me an promotional Appreciation Talking Pen. My favorite part about it is that it really talks! What a great way to let clients, (new) employees, or teachers know that you notice their hard work or dedication.


Next, Rachel gave me a promotional Adhesive Paper Cube. I think this is the best invention ever! I have written down all the important notes without missing a beat because of the multi-functionality of this pad. Not only can I rip off a sheet in no time, but I can also stick it on my desk, to my phone, or even to my forehead – now I have no excuse if I forget something! (Uh-Oh)

However, I must admit that my favorite promotional gift yet was the promotional Hand Sanitizer Spray (10mL) that Ken handed out last Friday. With the quick jump from Summer to (what feels like) Winter, I know I need to stay germ-free. Small enough to fit in my cosmetic bag, I never feel trapped or helplessly infested by the sneezing, coughing, or even breathing of other people when I am out in public places. Being germ-free is just a spray away!

Lastly, some sneaky little Motivator left me yet ANOTHER promotional gift on my desk this morning. Upon my arrival, I found a promotional American Splendor Desk Calendar from the unidentified gift-giver. Now I can easily turn from month to month while looking at beautiful (and famous) U.S. scenes. Note to my “present-pal”: Speak now or forever hold your peace =)


Thanks to ALL of the Motivators team for making my first week so great! And remember – keep those promotional gifts coming!


Controlling the Minds of Mice with Fiber Optics

October 20, 2009 03:11 by Danny

Now this is really something a team of Stanford graduate students have found a way to control the minds of mice. In an experiment they put a mouse in a basin, while in the basin the mouse began to sniff around like any ordinary mouse only difference was the fact that it had a fiber-optic cable attached to its skull. Basically the grad-students reprogrammed half of its motor cortex. Once a student flipped the switch the mind of the mouse lit up with an ominous glow and began to run in circles. Once the switch was turned off the mouse went back to normal. Imagine what would happen in the future instead of controlling the part of the mind that is in charge of motor skills but memory. If a person is suffering from Alzheimer could get his or her memory back by feeding it past memories. Another way to use this technology would be get information, sit down eating dinner and have news being fed directly to you through fiber-optics. It doesn't seem to far fetch who knows maybe one day 20 years from now we will all be plugged in at the office during our Holiday Party getting Holiday Cards beamed directly to our brains. To see the whole story head over to