Lexus LF-Ch, iPhone Dock in Headrest

September 15, 2009 02:27 by Danny

So recently I was searching for a new car and I happened to come across the Blog, if you haven't been to this site I advise that you check it out it has some cool concepts of future vehicles. One of the concepts on this site that actually caught my eye was the Lexus LF-Ch, no it was not the brand of the vehicle that drew my attention even though I am a fan of Toyota/Lexus but the technology that was placed seamlessly in the head rest of the driver and passenger seats. Imagine that you have your friends accompanying you driving around town and the ones seating in the back seat say they really want to watch something they take out their iPhone place it in the headrest and begin watching YouTube now that is cool. Also on the rear of the two front seats there seems to be two hooks so let's say you just came from the beach you can hang your promotional towel on the rear of the seats instead of getting your seats covered in sand.


Lexus LF-Ch


Think Pink

September 14, 2009 12:38 by Ozzie

This weekend, I went to my hair salon for a color and a cut (I needed one really bad) and when I walked in everyone was dressed in pink. While getting my hair washed, I was talking to some of the ladies who worked there, and they told me that they had a PINK meeting that afternoon at the salon for the staff and their clients. They had representatives from a local health clinic come and talk about breast cancer awareness. Not only were they giving informative pamphlets and phone numbers for women to contact them, but they were also giving out breast cancer awareness bracelets, key chains, and pens. With breast cancer awareness month in October, and the wide range of breast cancer awareness products we offer, Motivators will give 10% of all proceeds from breast cancer awareness products to The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, Inc.- just another reason to order from

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Hippies and Scene-sters like Promotional Products too!

September 14, 2009 08:42 by Jenn
I was lucky enough to spend my Saturday with retired hippies and coffee scented scene-sters, all within hours of each other. My brother's band generally plays gigs at bars – an environment I'm used to. So when he invited me to his double-header performances Saturday I agreed happily. Two hours later I found myself running through the rain, and into a stained-glass United Methodist church for a peace concert.

"Grab a plate!" one of the many smiley women said while gesturing towards the yard sale food table. Pot-lucks are such a wonderful concept.

The tie-dye wearing 70 year-olds scooped there food out of the ceramic bowls with spoons and swayed along with the honky-tonk musicians playing. I grabbed a dish and filled it was some vegan chilli. Anti-war protesters sure are good at vegetarian cooking. As I cradled the bowl in front of me I looked at all of the other plate ware scattered throughout the room. "They should get some promotional kitchen items," I thought. Clearly these hippie, anti-war, vegetarians would opt for eco-friendly promotional kitchen and home accessories. As would I.

A couple hours into the cozy concert I whispered to my brother, "I almost feel like I belong here." He laughed at me, "You thought there were only hippies and pot-lucks in Maine, didn't you?!" I couldn't exactly disagree. If I ever end up meeting with these fun loving people again, I'll definitely suggest getting some custom imprinted apparel for their peace-keeping organization. Strictly tie-dye of course.

After a drum circle featuring some awesome custom maracas (I'm not joking,) I headed to the next odd environment, "The Cup." It wouldn't have been so odd if it was eight years ago and I had black painted nails. However, it was just as odd for all of the people I was surrounded with. It was basically a reunion of local musicians that started out at the cup 10+ years ago- which made for some good tunes and witty jokes. Most of the singer/songwriters brought cool band merchandise with them including traditional custom printed magnetic bumper stickers and an assortment of my favorite promotional bottle opener keychains.

While at the cup, an Adam Lambert wanna-be dropped a fry into my friends hot-chocolate and took it out trying to be discreet. Fail. Also, a guy walked in with a briefcase. I was taught to never trust a man with a custom briefcase. (haha) He was quick to leave, but seriously, what 20 year old needs a briefcase at midnight in Wantagh? Either way, I couldn't have asked for a more eclectic weekend. I even got to hang with my crazy Nanna on Saturday morning. Oh what a treat.

Homecoming...And I'm Tired

September 14, 2009 03:51 by Sarah

Ironic that my Saturday was spent at a Homecoming event for a school that I didn't go to in a town I don't live in and I didn't actually "come home" til 1:30 the following day. But it was a good time nonetheless...

The homecoming was for Harborfields High School in Greenlawn, alma mater of our Art Dept Supervisor Keri, who ironically wasn't there. Instead, I attended to watch my "little cousin" cheer on her sophomore class and the Haborfields Tornadoes as they took on the Sayville Lightning. I say "little cousin" because to me she's still 6 years old, running in the door from camp to tell me all about her day and then putting on The Princess Bride for the gazillionth time. Considering the fact that she's now almost taller than me (and I can no longer get away with calling her Shorty) and that I'm wearing her sneakers (which I stole from her on Saturday) I'd have to say, the "little" thing doesn't so much fly anymore.

We scored a primo seat for the parade, and I almost caught the tootsie roll that my cousin hurled at my head from the firetruck that she and the rest of the cheerleaders rode on. As the parade continued the floats made their way down, followed by members of each class who were dressed in themed custom t-shirts. The Seniors theme was Rock N' Roll. Not only did they have an awesome float, but one of the girls dressed up as Gene Simmons from KISS. Juniors then followed with a disco themed float and a very cool logo for their custom t-shirts. Club 12 then showed up (since they're the class of 2012!) and then the Funky Freshmen made their appearance. The back of their shirts read Class of 2013, which depressed me slightly because when these kids are graduating, I'll be turning 30. I don't like that number, nor the year. Neither does my cousin and I explained that when in high school and college, it's pretty much inherently programmed in you to hate the year directly behind yours.

After lunch, my Aunt and I headed to the football game. The cheerleaders threw out promotional footballs (which I did not get one of!) and there were some serious fans in the stands. One girl was fully decked out in Tornadoes promotional apparel and was accompanied by her friend who was dressed as the Flash. The purpose of this being so that the Tornadoes could knock down the Flash and yell "Down with the Lightning!" They did that repeatedly and right next to me everytime. It was a smidgen annoying and by a smidgen, I mean very. I guess I just don't have school spirit. That and the fact that I don't really understand football at all, so I didn't so much care.

After the game, it was a mad dash to get a dress for the homecoming dance (because really, why would she have one) which was then followed by getting ready and picture taking before I drove her to the dance. It was a bittersweet day, but it was fun and I'm exhausted. And sadly, I have absolutely no promotional products to show for it.


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Bachelorette Party

September 14, 2009 03:48 by Laurie
This Saturday was my bachelorette party! We went into the city to Lucky Cheng's for dinner and a "show", and then out and about random locations. My wonderful maid of honor Kristen came prepared with a tiara, beads and customized buttons! We had s GREAT time but the city always makes me feel dirty, (as you know never touch the railings) so I brought my trusty anti bacterial spray. Needless to say I am still exhausted and can't wait to go home and snuggle with my customized New Paltz sweatshirt blanket!
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rah rah sis boom bah !!!

September 11, 2009 09:36 by Greg

The beginning of a new school year was always fun.  You got to catch up with old friends that you didn't get to see during the summer.  Also Football season starts, pep rallies and homecoming.  Most of the Pep rallies were pretty boring but they got us out of a class or a two but, one year they gave us megaphones they were cool, even the non sports kids got into seeing who could make the most noise.  They were our school colors and had our mascot on it... they were great!! or at least the kids thought they were.  I would say most were confiscated by the teachers by the end of the day.. too much school spirit throughout the day.  Next time they did the pep rally at the end of the day and on a Friday

Promotional Giveaways for Possible Grad Students

September 11, 2009 09:22 by Jenn

I wrote these sentences three days ago. "Depending on when my next trip is, I may have to grab my promotional keychains and bring my own wheels. I need at least a month to recover from that one [bus trip from New York to Maine]." I wrote liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies.

Yesterday, I once again found myself being tossed around from one bus to another surrounded by probable escaped convicts and eager R. Kelly fans. (Those are basically interchangeable.) A close friend, Tanya told me about a graduate school fair coming to New York and I was interested in looking into some future learning options. And so we were off on another adventure. Heading towards the city in a car at 4 p.m. didn't sound appealing to Tanya, so we decided to master the New York City Transit System. Getting there was like out of a dream. Except the odd woman with no eyebrows on the subway that told us we talked so loud that she couldn’t' hear herself think. Eeek. We whispered our way off the subway and made our way to the Idealist grad school fair where I knew I'd be running into a ton of promotional giveaways. 
I headed to the booths pertaining to any type of creative writing, marketing or public relations. The promotional products of choice for most schools were traditional promotional pens. There were classy executive pens and my personal favorite fun, colorful custom imprinted click pens. After filling out "Information Request" forms with the imprinted pens, the representatives would kindly say, "It's yours!"

Once I had visited all of the communications schools, I wandered to any booth with promotional products. A graduate program for childhood studies had some fun custom stress balls. I grabbed a cool promotional crocodile clip and Tanya banked on some promotional keychains. After we had collected mounds of informative books, promotional pens and a new found excitement for grad school we were ready to head home.

On the way out of the convention center I saw Tanya juggling all of her belongings. "Follow me!" I said. I led the way to the CUNY booth where they had previously offered me some funky promotional tote bags. I've got to say, CUNY lucked out being the only school to bring along custom tote bags. They definitely received the most exposure as recipients from all 5 boroughs, Long Island, and Jersey headed home.

I'll make this millionth edition of, "Jenn and her awful experiences on transportation devices," short. Busy streets. Stinky Subway. Not as stinky 7 train. Korean food everywhere. Wrong bus. Wrong Bus. Wrong Bus. Right bus. Dark alley. Empty parking lot. Destination. So it wasn't as bad as the Grey Hound- and I had the company of a good friend with good jokes. That always makes things better.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

September 11, 2009 04:51 by Bill

Guess what I did last night? Anyone who reads this blog wouldn't be shocked to read that I watched the Titans and the Steelers kick off the 2009 NFL Season. Some players looked to be in midseason form (Santonio Holmes), while others didn't get the memo that training camp is over (whoever was longsnapping for the Titans... yeesh). Now we wait for the REAL season to begin when the Giants take down the Redskins at 4:15 on Sunday afternoon. Remember this, Redskins fans?

Jacobs Runs Over Landry


As mentioned in previous years, my fantasy football league makes draft day an event. The golf portion of the day was rained out, but that just let us get an earlier start on the actual draft. I was prepared... had one of my custom usb drives full of my research and one of my personalized bags with my laptop (the custom usb drive would have been useless without the laptop!). It was another fun day and, hopefully, successful. Meepos is ready to make a run for the title.

Here are my starters in our 12 team league: Carson Palmer, LaDanian Tomlinson, DeAngelo Williams, Marques Colston, Donald Driver, DeSean Jackson, Jason Witten, Stephen Gostkowski, and the Patriots Defense. If Carson is healthy, championship, here we come!


I can't say no to Windows 7

September 11, 2009 02:27 by Danny

On the Windows Channel on YouTube I saw this new ad for Windows 7. To tell you the truth if I was offered something from this new spokes person I would not be able to say no, Thank You Microsoft. I little summary posted on the YouTube Channel is, "Kylie takes all the happy words about Windows 7 and makes them happier in her very own slideshow…" Now if we could find a spokes person to sell our Tradeshow Giveaways, I wonder if people would find me just as cute.



Reversible Promotional Jerseys for Jersey

September 10, 2009 09:41 by Jenn

A 10+ year old basketball hoop stands in my driveway where my older brother used to shoot hoops with his friends. It's complimented by four partially deflated basketballs and a broken air pump. Every now and then I slam a ball to the ground to have it bounce up to my knee and roll away slowly like a flat tire. With a proper air pump and a bit of a paint job, I bet we could get the driveway basketball court back into shape. Soon enough, fans will be pouring in to see my signature round the hoop slam dunk. Uuuh, not exactly. But if anyone were to swing by our makeshift B-ball court, I could point them in the direction of some awesome basketball promotions.

Baseball stadiums and racing tracks are just two of the many arenas that have been giving away promotional products with the arena or home team's name imprint for years. The same has gone on in the basketball world but the New Jersey Net's are doing something never seen before. The Nets realized they didn't have any noteworthy players and decided to abandon ship and promote other big names. Juuuust kidding.

The promotion goes as follows: You buy at least two tickets for a 10-game plan that includes tickets to see the Los Angelos Lakers, Boston Celtics, Cleavland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic and you receive a reversible promotional active wear jersey for each of those noted marquee games. One side of the jersey will feature the name of a Net’s star and the other will showcase a star of the opposing team. Pretty cool right? Some of the bigger names include Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Shaquille O'Neal, Vince Carter and Kevin Garnett.


Dwayne Wade, the Miami Heat's guard is also to be featured on one of the reversible promotional active wear jerseys. He said the idea was “totally awesome," and added, “It’s a very unique idea. It takes a confident organization to give their fans merchandise associated with players from other teams. I look forward to the day when we’re in town and I get to see all those Wade reversible out there.”

The N.B.A. is hoping this idea will attract more fans to games and create a cool atmosphere on the court. Instead of boasting for the home team and taunting the visitors, this promotion takes the time to recognize other team's stars. I'm sure there are some die-hard fans that won't like this, "nice" concept. But all in all, it’s a sweet idea that puts promotional apparel to great use. And if you want to support the home team, just don’t reverse your promotional active wear jersey.

Maybe half-way through the game you’ll realized the visiting team’s star player is better then your home-team hero. Just take off your jersey, reverse it, and BAM! You won’t ever have to be embarrassed about your bad taste in Net’s basketball players again.

It's a Social Media Frenzy Out There!

September 10, 2009 09:20 by Anthony

I'm sure you have all been wondering where I've been around these parts as I have not posted to our company blog in quite some time. But I wasn't far away, in fact some fellow employees have joined me in our efforts to share our feelings about our favorite television shows at the Motivators TV Blog. We get some good discussion/debate going as well as analysis, reviews and dont think that promotional products are far behind. In fact, you can probably spot them in almost any TV show out there. So check it out, tell your friends and you'll actually be contributing to the social media frenzy.

Yes, I feel strongly enough about it to call it a frenzy. You cant go anywhere or watch anything without being hit over the head with encouragement to visit some social media site. Companies and corporations small and large are directing you to their YouTube channel, their Twitter page or their Facebook account left and right! As I mentioned before, we're doing it too! We've even podcasted about it because social media sites such as the ones I just mentioned can be a huge benefit to your current and potential customers. Its a great way of sharing information and even luring clientele. So last night as I watched some television, I saw a certain T.G.I.Friday's commercial for the first time. It wasnt the funniest or most memorable commercial, but the kicker that made me talk about it today was an incentive to become a fan of the completely random, unknown actor in the commercial. Not even the actor, but this 'character' that T.G.I. Friday's has created named Woody. If you become a fan of his and he reaches 500,000 fans before the end of September each of the first 500,000 fans is rewarded with a free Jack Daniels burger. At first I was a little surprised, but we really cant be surprised by these marketing tactics anymore.


This campaign is going to get them tons of exposure and you can plan on seeing campaigns and promotions like these for a long time to come. Think about it, countless people will become a fan because 'hey, why not get a free burger?' Right? All one has to do is click the mouse. The thought actually crossed my mind that this may be an experiment because of the small window of time that they have set for this goal. Giving it more thought, I just can't see how they won't hit their mark and then some. I'm sure plenty of people became a fan immediately after seeing that commercial. Now figure how many other people have done that when they saw the commercial for the first time. Then as the power of social media flexes its muscles once again, here I am perpetuating the campaign by writing about it here. Potentially letting people know about it that may not have heard about it or seen the commercial before. It all seems to boil down to word-of-mouth marketing, so go on and tell everyone about our blogs, our podcasts(you can subscribe on iTunes too!), our YouTube channel, and our twitter, facebook and myspace pages so we can share ourselves and our product with a bigger audience.
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