If an Airline will give you Wings, will my Bus ride give me Wheels?

September 4, 2009 03:29 by Jenn

As September sets in and the suns rays begin to weaken, summery custom tote bags are replaced with promotional backpacks. It's this time of year that I normally make my break for Maine - I pack up my things, say good bye to the island and head North in search of friends, knowledge and a break from the rush, rush of New York. This year, is a bit different. Instead of decorating my dorm room with custom posters and throw pillows, I'm planning on beginning to decorate my cubicle. And instead of getting into the swing of a new school year, I'm getting used to working full-time (almost).

Bye, bye custom tote bags.                                Hello promotional backpacks.

I'm a big believer in accepting change and rolling with the punches, so I'm no lost sheep right now. But as my friends in Maine start settling back into campus, I've been feeling the ache. I've received messages and calls of, "We miss you," and "It's so weird with you not here." In hopes of curing that ache and starting the new "school/work" year off in good spirits, I've planned a mini-trip up to my long, lost home.

I'm a quick packer and a good traveler, but my biggest concern was, "How am I gonna' get there?" Last time I drove up, my spacewagon spiraled out of control on the 95. So I decided to girl the high flyer a break. I've been tending to her needs with custom auto accessories and steering clear of danger. With that option out the door, I considered alternatives.

If I'd seen this ad earlier this week, and if I lived in Ecuador, flying would've surely been my #1 choice.  There are a ton of awesome airline advertisements, but this one really impressed me. There are nine different ads depicting different individuals with "wings" comprised of places and things of interest. One that I really enjoyed was "Fly Galapagos." A man snorkeling in the ocean appears to have "wings" of sea life, corals and exotic birds. Clearly he wanted to visit a tropical land for exploration of the sea. I thought it was a beautiful way to promote Tame Airlines and I enjoyed all of the ads they designed for this campaign.

Unfortunately, flying is a bit more expensive that I'd like, as was Amtrak, leaving me with the wonderful option of bussing it up the East Coast. I'm catching the midnight bus out of NYC tonight so that when I wake up in the morning, I'll be breathing some fresh, Maine air. No need for promotional keychains, my E-Z Pass or attentive driving. I'll just sit back and enjoy the smelly man who is likely to sit next to me.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend all.

Fast vs. Hungry: Adjectives Get Promotional

September 3, 2009 10:06 by Sarah

Meet Hungry.

While you all may know hungry as that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach right before lunch or at the end of the night right before you hit up Taco Bell for Fourth meal, Weight Watchers has a bit of a different characterization. This adorable little guy is the company's depiction of hungry. He's irresisitable..just like that chocolate cake that so many of us just chowed down on for Joann's birthday. And if you ask me whenever I see hungry, I don't want to shut him out. I want him to be my real little monster friend who I can tote around and be best friends with. Really Weight Watchers, did you have to choose something so cute?

Now that you've all met Hungry, Meet Fast Jr.

According to Volkswagen:

"Inside most, but not all of us, there is a fast. And according to the data we collected from thousands of respondents it looks a little something like this. Maybe you've never thought about what your fast looks like. But when we designed the GTI Mk V, we did. We thought about what fast smells like and how much it weighs and what it eats for breakfast. It's all we thought about. Because we wanted this GTI to make your fast happy."

This morning while sitting at Volkswagen's state of the art service center waiting to tell them that I would not be paying $500 for a 20K service (seriously?), I snagged a copy of the VW Driver Gear catalog. I am not one for buying promotional merchandise, especially things that are so grossly over priced. But as I sat there staring at the variety of promotional mugs, custom keychains and everything else, I spied fast Jr. And I couldn't help but wonder when did adjectives start becoming characters? And more importantly, why didn't I think of this?

I'm thinking we need to start joining in on the trend. I'd like to meet Awesome and Hilarious next. Oh wait, Here they are...

I keed, I keed! :)

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Tracked down by the iPhone

September 3, 2009 04:15 by Jenn

As stated in many blogs before, I break technology. Right now I'm on my third phone since August. That said it would be a sin if any of my phones were worth any money. Instead, I have a collection dating back to high school that have broken before. I bring them back to life for months at a time - that's right I can break 'em but I can fix 'em too.

However, I wouldn't want to chance my technology flaws out on the iPhone because it’s a bit expensive and far too prestigious for me anyhow. But for those who do have iPhones (at least 6.4 million of you according to activated iPhones to date) - Are you being watched?
The "Mobile Me" feature can be purchased for $99 a year and includes the "Find My iPhone" option. On one forum I read, "Love this. Let's me keep track of where my gf is." That's not overbearing. In a blog from June, a self proclaimed, "nerd" attending a Lego convention (Oh snap! I bet there were awesome promotional products. ) had his cell phone stolen. With the help of the "Find my Phone" feature, he was able to track the phone down about 3 blocks away from where it was stolen...and actually nabbed it. (I do not advise being your own personal detective...though it does sound pretty fun.)

Normally when something is stolen you call the cops. The brave nerd that chose to conquer on his own account said, "They [the cops] probably would've yawned." But in the case of the Pittsburg police last weekend, yawning was not in their playbook. After a robbery in, "Shadytown" (seriously) the cops tracked down the robbed owner's iPhone using the "Find my Phone" technology. They were led to three suspects that had various stolen goods in their possession.
With hopes of preventing iPhone robberies in the future, I present the Anti-theft phone disguise. The old school Motorola phone casing is made to deter any down and out individual from nabbing your treasured iPhone. These cool cover-ups could one day join our promotional electronic items. We don’t yet have a promotional disguise item category. (Though there is that awesome custom jumpsuit in our promotional apparel.)

T-Mobile sidekick users, you may want to look into this as well. While the iPhone may be the most appealing phone on the market - the Sidekick is the most stolen. T-mobile's easy SIM card swapping policy allows for the Sidekick to change owners faster than it takes to say, "Hoodlum Robber." Another reason for the Sidekick-stealing hobby that many have mastered is its urban hipness. With big names promoting the full keyboard phone, and a sweatless way to switch owners the Sidekick, over 300 of them were stolen in 2008, in Boston alone.

It's no wonder why Apple isn’t promoting the iPhone with paid celebrity endorsers or allowing simple SIM card swaps. Oh wait; they did have that one amazing celebrity advertisement... 

Labor Day Marks The End Of Summer

September 3, 2009 03:18 by Sung

So it seems the summer is coming to an end and everyone is trying to enjoy the last glimse of the weather. That being said, this labor day a lot of people will be out and about doing various things. My friends and I will be bbqing or possibly the beach if weather permits. These promotional summer giveaways are just what you need to showcase your branding before the summer ends.  My personal favorites are the Custom Sunscreens, Custom Coolers, and the custom backpacks. My number 1 goes to the custom solar mobile charger


Lets make the most of what is left of this summer. I know I will Laughing.


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Motivators ... Promotionally Enhancing The World One Stress Ball at a Time

September 2, 2009 09:53 by Mike

When you think about promotional items, you would think mostly about promotional giveaways.  But what most people don’t realize is that motivators also has a large selection of promotional awards and promotional corporate gifts.  Promotional awards and promotional gifts are a great way to show appreciation to employees or loyal customers.

Lets begin with the typical promotional item … the promotional giveaway.  I think what defines an item as a giveaway usually has a lot to do with the price.  So the lower cost items such as promotional giveaways under $1 are typically the items you would give away in large amounts as trade show giveaways or sporting event giveaways. 

Over $1 and up to almost $10 I would say are items typically used for items given away as prizes or perhaps given to lower level employees as an appreciation gift if there is a very large number of employees working at your company, or simply if you are looking for tight budget promotional items.

Items over $10 would typically be used as promotional gifts or promotional awards.  Awards can be given to customers for their loyalty or to employees for milestones in dedicated service.  Let’s see what Motivators Promotional Products has to offer in these categories.

Promotional Giveaways:

Some of the best selling promotional items when it comes to giveaways are custom water bottles, promotional stick pens, and promotional drawstring backpacks.


Promotional Prizes and Gifts:

Some of the best prizes, in my opinion, are elctronics, which makes our promotional electronics section a great place to look for prizes and gifts


Corporate Gifts:  Well this one is easy.  For a great selection of these, check out Motivators promotional corporate gifts section.

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I Will Be Happy To Just Wing It

September 2, 2009 05:54 by Adam

Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to announce this weekend I will be crossing off a life goal from my list. I will be attending the world famous National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY!

For those not "in the know" the greatest buffalo wing 'artists' from around the country are invited to serve their creations to all festival attendees. It is a big deal. It typically attracts many big names in the food world. Past attendees have included Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse and Regis Philbin. Oh but wait, there is more than just trying wings. There is a plethora of different buffalo wing themed competitions! Of course you have the US Chicken Wing Eating Championship but there is also the Blue Cheese Bowl (Bobbing for Buffalo Wings) , the Buffalo Buffet Bowl (Wings/Pizza/Roast Beef contest) and of course, The Miss Buffalo Wing paegent. Now don't get me wrong, I have a full appreciation for the festivals promotional merchandise. They sell t-shirts, caps and cookbooks at the festival. However, I do expect to see more promotional products than that. Among the dozens of wing vendors that are going to be at the festival are a few national restaurants, now is their chance to stand out amongst the sea of wing fanatics. I hope to see some promotional bottle opener keychains to open a beer to go with my wings, or maybe an ecofriendly promotional aluminum bottle for those who prefer water to cool down your taste buds. Of course, some vendors may just want the wings to do the talking, in which case may they will give out some promotional food storage containers. One last thing, don't for a moment think that those that put together are only concerned with Buffalo, they want to help out the entire country. That is why they are starting the "Cash for Cluckers" program.
"In fact, the “Wing King” says “Cluckers for Cash” can add 27 Billion dollars a year to the nation’s economy. All it will take is for every American to eat one additional single order of chicken wings each month. In doing so, he vows, America will “eat our way back to prosperity”.  It can start at the 2009 festival, where 30 tons of chicken wings will be ready for purchase. "
I truely hope to find some "Cash for Cluckers" promotional products.

This Promotional Sports Bottle Outshines the Rest of Them.

September 2, 2009 03:05 by Jenn

I like my promotional products like I like my men. (Sorry, this isn't a dirty joke.) Strong, attractive, innovative and able to perform many functions at once. That's why when I saw the solar powered water bottle lantern; I hoped it belonged to a single man. Unfortunately, it didn't belong to any strong, attractive, innovative, multifunctioning man.

When its owner, a hiker chick, began talking about her awesome printed water bottle, I listened to her like a child at story time. She explained that her water bottle held a liter of water and turned into a lantern at night. She pointed out the solar panel on the cap and explained, "Whenever the solar panel is exposed to light it charges. Even if you're in a shaded area in a forest...it's charging." I researched to find that she was right, it does however charge faster if exposed to direct sun light.


"Once it's charged (which takes about 4 hours)," she continued, "The solar powered light lasts about 12 hours." This has got to be the coolest promotional sports bottle I've ever seen. The white LED lights illuminate the water bottle and the red LED lights are included as emergency lights.  All in all this is a super cool poly-carbonated custom sports bottle.

I found an eco-friendly blog boasting about the bottle and an eco-friendly web-site selling two different models of the solar powered water bottle lanterns both for around $19.99. But it gets even better! You could even order from our awesome supply of custom water bottles, have them imprinted for your event, and then upgrade these bottles with the individually sold solar caps. Sold for the sale price of $17.46, these caps fit most promotional sports bottles and provide the same amount of light time.

With the many precautions taken with plastic water bottles in fear of containing BPA, the makers of the solar cap are saying, "Don't throw away your old custom sports bottles! Turn them into a lantern!" This is a great product for on the go. It can join the masses over in our eco-friendly promotional items, and shine, shine, shine.

Blogging from the Streets

September 1, 2009 08:21 by Jenn
"The New Face of Homelessness," is the title of Brianna Karp's first blog for the world renowned "Elle Magazine." The executive assistant was laid off in July 2008 and since then has had the misfortune of ending up homeless. The 24-year-old stood out to E. Jean Carroll, a popular advice columnist for the magazine, in a letter she wrote her signed, "Homeless not hopeless."

Carrol was inspired by the young Karp's desire to succeed (even if she was stuck in a camper parked at the local Wal-Mart.) Karp would save up money to spend for internet access at Starbucks every so often where she would hit up the social world. She posted on Twitter about her daily life and fact that not all homeless people were alcoholic slobs.

Carrol decided to offer Karp a job blogging for one hour 6 days a week for the popular magazines web-site. This will allow Karp to continue looking for more work while receiving a $150 check each week for small expenses. Karp will be blogging about living homeless and her experiences as she searches for a job.

Maybe we should start hiring some local homeless people to blog for Motivators. I'm sure that some promotional products can be found in dumpsters after being well used. From time to time promotional stress balls go missing after rolling off of your desk and into the trash been. That means that homeless people will be able to blog about our great products and how they help out with everyday life on the street- Or maybe not.

Either way, props to Brianna Karp. Because of her hopefulness and big heart, she’s' landed a sweet little gig. And I salute E. Jean Carroll too. She's taken this girl under her wings for a good cause and some interesting content too. "You hear stories which break your heart, smash your heart up that you've got to see what you can do," Carroll said. "This is certainly one tiny little thing, but I think her voice is a very important one, and it's not heard. We're going to try to get her on her feet."

Who knows? Maybe we'll be seeing some "New Face of Homelessness," promotional keychains in the months to come. And one day, perhaps Karp will be able to attach a nice, new house key to her custom keychain.

Toyota Motor Anti-Drunk Driving Equipment

September 1, 2009 01:56 by Danny

Well this seems promising Toyota Motor said that it is currently developing an anti-drunk driving equipment that would lock the ignition of a vehicle if high levels of alcohol are detected from the driver. So all of you out there thinking about getting really buzzed at the next Holiday Party after opening your corporate gifts and drinking from your customized mugs think twice before getting behind the wheel. Toyota also says that the system features a hand-held breathalyzer which has a digital camera and if it detects a large amount of alcohol it shall take a photograph for identification. According to Yahoo Nissan Motor is also developing a similar technology.



And the winner gets....

August 31, 2009 12:24 by Ozzie

I was just recently browsing on the website and what did I find?? A unique blog site, called Creativing Writing 101, which was having a contest, and the winner gets - a free ALUMINUM BOTTLE. Yes, you heard me right, those neat eco-friendly aluminum bottles that we sells tons of. I found the blog as well as the prize most intriguing. It hit all of the major points - it was narrative, it was informative, and it was giving away something for free - I love it - it certainly grabbed my attention. Though I was disappointed to find out that the contest had ended already, though I will definitely keep this site in mind for future online reading.



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Promotional Keychains: The key to a booming social life.

August 31, 2009 07:23 by Jenn

This just in. The items I work with everyday like cool promotional keychains and cozy custom mugs have improved my social life. I spent my last weekend mingling with strangers and promotional products. Almost everywhere, I see custom imprinted items and feel like, "Hey that's my brother over there. The most handsome promotional trade show giveaway I've ever seen." Other times I say, "Oh look at my sweet customized water bottles. They've grown sooooo much." Either way, you understand that a very real and empowering relationship exists between us. Because of this, I feel that whenever I see promotional products it is my job, like a proud grandmother, to brag, brag, brag.
Thursday night I went to my spot on the Nautical Mile. It's the sleaziest hole in the wall you'll find down there on the Freeport Canal, but it's mine. Bras hang from the ceiling, drinking games are always encouraged, and weirdoes flourish there. See- I fit right in. One conversation began when I read the familiar, "Tapout" on a guy’s shirt. My siblings and I get together to watch (UFC) people kick each others butts every week. Because of his promotional apparel I had my first conversation about the UFC and actually knew what I was talking about. But my favorite bar patrons that night we're an unlikely pair. A 60 something year old grump with long grey hair and motorcycle equipment and a round, tattoo covered jolly 40-something guy. After friendly conversation and many jokes, the taller of the two began mumbling, "Aaah you don't know meee. Ahh you don't know." He eventually came out and said it. "You know Lynard Skynard, you know us. I'm Riiickey. I'm Rickey Medlocke." I had to question him, "Well then what are you doing here with that guy?" "He's my body guard!" he slurred. I unfortunately couldn't believe him. If he had promotional keychains autographed by the band maybe I wouldn't have dismissed his lies so quickly.
                                         (He actually did look like him.)

Friday night I spent with a best friend in NYC at a concert. The show was amazing. The Ours and Blue October gave moving and musically blissful performances. There were of course, annoying fans screaming at all the wrong parts and bouncing into me, I called them Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb. Though I didn't buy any of Blue Octobers promotional products, I did manage to have a charades conversation with the band's lead guitarist as he stood on the balcony looking down to me by the stage after the show. How romantic- I'm not a groupie.

On Saturday I celebrated my cousin’s engagement with an awesome cocktail party in her backyard. My uncle was excited about showing off his custom automatic wine opener and I was more excited to tell him that we sell them at Motivators. The promotional appliance got a ton of use that night and the bottles piled up one and the other, until I was sent away happily holding an awesome custom imprinted wedding favors. What a wonderful weekend.