Superhero and Villain Day

October 9, 2013 10:46 by Olha

We are celebrating customer service appreciation week right now at work! We are all having a blast.

So far we had Sports Day Monday, Superhero/Villain Tuesday, and Pajama Day Wednesday. My daughter even came into the office and dressed up with us as a superhero. She was Wonder Woman and I was Robin.

This is my favorite picture of us, just love it!


October 9, 2013 08:49 by Meryem

Who knew October would be so such a busy month! Yes, Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness month, but many other events also are happening for me in October. I have two weddings and two henna nights to attend all within October. Also this week at work, we are celebrating Customer Service Appreciation Week by dressing up each day of the week in different themes for spirit week. In honor of Customer Service Week, my friend ordered custom food baskets for her team at Investor Bank. My other friend received a personalized award from his job (see image below). Everyday seems to be full of excitement, cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me!

Calendar Season

October 9, 2013 07:57 by Sung

For those who missed the early bird special, rest assured Motivators still has some great deals on custom calendars. Lately, I have been receiving a lot of calendar requests, and I love looking at the pictures of the scenic ones. If I can't be there, I can certainly daydream about all the beautiful places on this planet.

I believe calendars are one of the most effective marketing tools. Why, you ask? It stays on someone's desk or wall for a full 365 days. No marketing material can really top that. Plus, every day you are looking at it. Calendars are also great mailers to ship out to your client for a fraction of cost.

If you are looking to get a little bit more creative and have a WOW factor, I highly recommend these fully customized calendars (pictured below). You can pretty much customize the entire calendar. What's great is you can have a different photograph every month of the year. So if you haven't ordered yet, come check out our selection.

Fully Customized 2014 Calendar

The Best Thing About Oktoberfest is This Souvenir

October 9, 2013 04:22 by Brandon

Over the weekend, I journeyed upstate with a few friends for Oktoberfest at Bear Mountain State Park. It was a great time -- beautiful weather, lots of traditional German foods (like potato pancakes, bratwurst and pierogies) and, of course, plenty of beer.

The line for beer was quite long, but the good thing was that you could purchase a 33 oz. mug filled with your favorite brew for just $25. In my opinion, the extra-large beer stein made the wait worthwhile. Check it out: 

You may be thinking $25 is a bit steep for some beer. But I got to take this beautiful mug home! It now sits in my kitchen and reminds me of all the fun I had at Bear Mountain with my friends.

Have you been to any Oktoberfest celebrations?

Spirit Week

October 8, 2013 04:26 by Ozzie

Annually, in celebration of Customer Service Week (first full week in October), Motivators has fun activities for the employees every day to show appreciation to all the customer service representatives. This year, we have a packed schedule with a different theme every day. 

Everyone is super excited and can't wait to come into work every day to show off what they are wearing. Yesterday, everyone came in with their favorite sport team's shirt, and today they are dressed as super heroes. We have everything in the office from Superman, to Robin, to Bane - at a glance, you would think that Halloween came a bit early this year!

Being that I ordered some really cool tie-dye t-shirts last week, I am looking forward to Thursday, so I can wear my brand new colorful tee shirt. Though I think everyone is most excited for Friday and getting ready for Prom.  Now all I need is a date, and I am set to go to  "prom" all over again.

Fall Fun

October 7, 2013 06:04 by Sam

This past weekend I spent two days just doing yard work.  It seems I cannot keep up with the falling leaves and acorns.   Every time I look outside it seems that more and more have fallen.  I also had to fix all the wholes my dog Bailey had dug up.  Good thing I have my Green Thumb Gardening Bag with me.  I filled them in almost as quick as she dug them! I did manage to have a little fun this weekend and put up some decorations.  I took the old ones out of storage and added some new ones!  I am please with the way it came out! Check it out below!



Trick Or Treat

October 7, 2013 03:25 by Laurie

I've never been one for Halloween. I find that I am not that creative when it comes to costumes, and now that I am clearly too old to get free candy from neighbors I have even less motivation. In recent years Bill and I would rent a few scary movies, stay in, carve pumpkins, and hand out candy.

Now with the addition of Abigail and Amelia, Halloween is in full force. I bought a scarecrow for outside. I decorated the windows, and I put pumpkins on the steps in the front. I want to be the cute house that kids go to for the GOOD candy!

This year Abby will be Princess Sofia from the Nick Jr. cartoon, and Amelia will be a lady bug! I cannot wait to dress them up and walk around town (especially because last year's Halloween was ruined by Sandy). I already have their costumes and a very special tiara for Abby. The only thing I need now is a bag for Abby's loot. 


Not Over Yet!!!

October 4, 2013 10:13 by Jon

This past Monday, as I returned home from the gym.  I decided to BBQ a few pieces of grilled chicken and asparagus.  Before the left that morning, I marinated them in an Italian dressing, with some salt and pepper.  I turned on the BBQ and went inside to grab the chicken and asparagus, which also had been marinating in oil and Romano cheese.

I went back outside in what seemed like 2 minutes and it was becoming difficult to see.  NOOOOOO it's finally happening!  I know the temperature has cooled and fall is upon us, but the getting dark early thing was the final straw for me!  I threw the stuff on the grill and sulked inside.  Five minutes went by and by and now it was impossible to see how the food was cooking, by the naked eye.

I ran inside, still cranky from the early darkness, and found on the refrigerator my "city lights" flashlight (item # 63372) with a magnet!  I turned it on and began to walk outside, and was shocked at the illumination this little flashlight gave off.  It helped me see the grill perfectly and went right back on the fridge.  What a great idea to be remembered with something so easy to store and so useful!


Outdoor Fun!

October 2, 2013 11:12 by Meryem

Since last year, my friends and I have been a little obsessed with hiking. Last year around this time, we went for the first time to Englewood Cliffs in New Jersey. It was an amazing experience and an amazing view. So this year once the weather started to cool, we started again. Our first attempt was again the cliffs in Englewood. This time, we took a different route and climbed up and down rocks for 4 hours. I must say, it was pretty intense! We were so dehydrated and the water bottles that we brought along were getting to be so heavy that I ordered each of us a custom printed High Sierra Drench Hydration Backpack. This backpack lets you fill the backpack with 2 liters of water and keeps it insulated for elongated time. We have been going  

My NEW fave product!

October 2, 2013 10:41 by Olha

My current favorite product that I still cant get over is the custom Gemline Lexi Wristlet Wallet! I love how cute and compact this product is. It allows me to keep my phone, gift cards, credit cards, money and any small items that I need to take along with me. This wristlet is perfect for when I dont feel like dragging my bag that feels like its full of rocks and just keeps weighing me down. Its a great piece, especially for the fashion industry. this also makes for a great holiday gift. Hint - Hint, Holiday season is right around the corner!



October 1, 2013 03:39 by Ozzie

It seems every year holiday preparations start earlier and earlier. As of Labor Day, I realized a lot of places had already put up their Halloween decorations. And now that it is October 1st, and Halloween is just around the corner, everywhere you go scary costumes, creepy decorations, loads of treats, and promotional Halloween products are displayed.  And as it gets closer and closer, more and more people get into the spirit of the day. Just this past weekend my next door neighbor setup his "haunted house". He and his 4 year old daughter spent their entire Sunday afternoon making spider webs, setting up the witches with their brooms and putting together the jack-o-lanterns. Even though they were doing all the work, I had just as much fun watching them set up.

As the big day nears, children (young and old) and even some adults get anxious to wear their costumes and go trick or treating. Of course, I need to make sure to stock up on Halloween candy, so I have enough for all the trick-or-treaters. I also want to grab some pet treats as well, since it has become quite a fad for people to dress up their pets and take them out as well. With all the treats given out, one essential thing we must not forget is the custom imprinted Halloween bags so we have something to put all of the goodies in.