Tis The Season To Be Dreaming About Calendars

October 28, 2013 11:15 by Sam

If you did not know it, we are currently engulfed in Calendar Season.  My family often gives to charities and it seems that this year every organization has sent us a calendar.  I have been giving them out everyone I know.  It makes for great marketing by them, because these will not get thrown out!  Custom Calendars make good giveaways for; mailers, trade shows or even thank yous. You get 365 days of advertising! It is not too late to order your calendars today! 

5 Products for a Complete Flu-Fighting Promotion

October 25, 2013 04:29 by Brandon

Ready or not, flu season is on its way. If you work in medicine, you're probably running around telling everybody to get the flu shot. Unfortunately, not everybody will listen, and even those who do might get the flu anyway.

There's no pill or magical cure for influenza. However, the right promotional health products can help prevent the flu, ease symptoms and more. Below are five giveaways you can hand out alone or together as part of your flu-fighting promotion.

1. Believe it or not, hand sanitizer is an important tool in fighting the flu from the get-go. When used frequently, it can help stop the spread of germs that cause the flu.

promotional Hand Sanitizer In Bottle - 1 Oz.2. One symptom of the flu is a high fever, but not every household has a properly-functioning digital thermometer. This one's got a digital LCD screen that will display an accurate temperature. 

promotional digital thermometer

3. Arguably the worst part about coming down with influenza are the aches. Sometimes it can feel like you spent hours at the gym the day before. Motivators' Aqua Perl hot/cold pack can help relieve pain fast. 

promotional Aqua Pearl hot/cold pack4. Whether you're 20 or 120, when you have the flu, you feel weak. Something as simple as opening your medication can seem impossible. Medicine bottle openers are affordable and super-useful.

promotional medicine bottle opener

5. There's nothing worse than seeing your little one suffering from the flu. Our bedtime medicine spoon makes taking medicine easier for kids and babies. Get that fever down!  

promotional bedtime Medicine SpoonThere you have it! Together, these items form a complete flu-fighting promotion. (Take note, doctors, pharmacies & health clinics!) Best of all, each product will cost you less than $5! For more ideas, dial 800-525-9600 and ask to speak with a promotional consultant.

Birthday Month

July 2, 2013 03:47 by Ozzie

July is the birthday month for 90% of the men in my family. My father, brothers, uncles, and most of my male cousins were all born this month!! When I was younger, I remember having a birthday party all throughout the month. I never understood why we never had ONE big birthday to celebrate them all at once and get it over with! Don't get me wrong, I love getting together and celebrating, but the same people would always be invited to all of the parties. Considering that each party had to have its own venue, music, birthday party giveaways and favors, food and of course birthday cake, it is a lot of work doing this day after day after day for the entire month. And by the end of the month and last birthday celebration, no one would be excited or interested anymore. So, last year we decided that we were not going to go through this anymore. We chose the 15th of July to celebrate EVERYONES birthday all at once. This way we only needed to plan for one event and enjoy it to the fullest.

Teacher Appreciation Day

May 9, 2013 06:45 by Ali

For those of you that didn't already know, National Teacher Appreciation Day was on Tuesday, May 7th. It is very important to thank our teachers for all of their hard work and effort in shaping our youth each and every day. With that being said, I was so excited when my mom texted me a photo (yes, she now knows how to text pictures) of the gift she received from her school on Tuesday.

These sticky note holders are a great teacher gift! Not only can the teacher leave them on his/her desk, but they also have a nice plate which can be branded on the front. The leather look is very classy and I know firsthand that all the teachers at her school really love them!

So, next year make sure you reach out to the teachers in your life and get them something special. Motivators has tons of amazing gifts for the people that really make a difference and others to help you represent school spirit!


Top Three Memorial Day Giveaways

May 9, 2013 04:19 by Brandon

Whether you're holding a BBQ or promoting a sale this Memorial Day, you're going to need a lot of red, white and blue.

Did you know that Motivators offers a great selection of American promotional products? We've got everything from patriotic stress relievers to star-spangled beach balls. Let's take a look at our top three Memorial Day giveaways:

1. USA beach balls

For a patriotic twist on a classic summertime toy, choose our star-spangled beach ball. This fun product is perfect for everything from pool parties to summer sales.

Custom Printed USA Beach Ball - 16"2. USA maracas

You're probably thinking "in what way are maracas patriotic?" But these red, white and blue noisemakers are perfect for shaking up the annual Memorial Day barbecue.

printed USA maracas


3. Seeded paper holiday cards

Memorial Day is the perfect time to get to work on the garden. That's what makes this seed paper holiday card so great! It's got a beautiful flag design on the cover, and contains seeds that when planted will sprout in a week or less. Mail them home to customers to promote your holiday sale! 

Imprinted Seeded Paper Holiday Cards - FlagWhich patriotic giveaway is your favorite?

St. 'PADDY'S' Day!

March 15, 2013 09:34 by Jon

Much like many of my past blogs, this one is going to talk about how much exposure your brand can get at bars and restaurants. St Paddy's day is a perfect example. 

Everyone is Irish on St. Paddy's day and everyone wants to have a good time. What better way than by giving out promotional products that party goers will keep and use after the parties are over? All you basically have to do is throw it at them!

From the bartenders or the host or hostess, or even through raffles and drawings. These items will go home with the people, and if they are useful enough, be used again and again. Don't have a good idea of what to give out? Call one of the specialists at Motivators to help you out! We have over 50,000 promotional items to help people remember your business. We also have a very user friendly website to help filter your choices!

Motivators Holiday Party, 2012

December 19, 2012 11:29 by Olha

Motivators Holiday Party was a success! Tons of delicious food, great fun with co-workers, and awesome giveaways to win with our Motivators Bucks. This is my third year in a row winning a cool prize; am I lucky or what?

This year I walked away with a nice set of Riedel Vinum wine glasses. Now I can drink my wine in style -- and you can too! Custom wine glasses are a perfect gift idea for many occasions such as corporate parties, house warming, anniversaries, executive gifts, and of course raffle them of at holiday parties just like ours!

A Great Beer Expo Has Great Promos!

November 26, 2012 13:34 by Adam

On November 9th, my friends and I attended the International Great Beer Expo in Belmont Park. For the price of one ticket, available to you were samples of dozens upon dozens of brewers from around the state as well as around the country. Most brewers had multiple beers there to sample, and there were ciders and wines, as well.

It was a fantastic event; with unlimited samples of great beers and great wines, what more could you ask for? Great promotional products of course! They did not fail to meet expectations on that end either.

Of course, everyone was greeted with a branded shooter glass that held about 2 oz. That was only the beginning, though -- I would end up leaving with promotional bottle openers with key chains from Samuel Adams and Yelp, as well as temporary tattoos from Angry Orchard Cider and Port Jeff Brewing Company.

Unfortunately, there were even more products that I wasn't able to get my hands on, like customized wristbands and branded playing cards. That was just what I saw with my own two eyes, too. I can only imagine there must have been more than I missed.

I have to give credit to Samuel Adams and Yelp, though: they hit it on the nose. What is the best way to make a lasting impression on attendees at a Beer Expo? A bottle opener to open their beer! Great job! 

Wherever We Go, We Go with Swag

October 22, 2012 03:56 by Brandon

On Sunday, Team Motivators attended the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk at Jones Beach, NY. Of course, being a promotional products company, we didn't show up empty handed. The Motivators crew made sure to bring along plenty of swag!

Our pink and white beach balls were a huge hit. People loved receiving these awesome breast cancer awareness promotional products -- they couldn't believe we were giving them out for free! It felt great to be able to give a small gift to the amazing people helping to make a difference.

The Motivators staff also wore special sunglasses so everyone could recognize us during the walk. Check them out: 

custom imprinted Lens Tek Sunglasses

 Thanks to everyone who helped support Team Motivators!

You Own More Promo Products Than You Think

October 10, 2012 04:08 by Brandon

I'm always jealous of my coworker Ali. Why? Because promotional giveaways seem to just flock to her. (Seriously! Browse her company blog posts and you'll see what I mean.)

But last night I realized that I too own a ton of promotional products.

As I opened the kitchen cabinet to reach for a cup, I noticed that we've actually dedicated an entire shelf to drinkware imprinted with various companies' logos. Check it out -- there's everything from a simple St. James Dental Care sports bottle to a massive Coke glass. How is it possible that I never noticed them before?

It got me thinking about all the imprinted giveaways I use every day. Whether I'm getting a drink of water or getting into my car, promo items help make my life easier. And, of course, I'll never forget the brands that gave me these useful gifts. How's that for great advertising?

P.S. For the record, I'm still a little jealous of Ali and her extremely exciting, freebie-filled life.

Back To School

July 24, 2012 04:01 by Sam

Last night I had to stop at my local Target for some Shampoo and Conditioner before going home. Needless to say what should have been a five minute trip lasted an hour. I was overwhelmed by all the back to school sales that were going on.  Back to school shopping is such a big deal this time of year. This is the second year I am out of school, and it makes me miss all the fun shopping I used to do.  Back to School Promotional Products, are a great way to spread your brand this year. You can give them away to your employees to give to their children, or send them out to all of your favorite customers. Put a smile on a child's face this back to school season!