Meet Hemmingway

April 12, 2012 07:31 by Dan

Growing up, I didn't have the luxury of owning many pets due to the allergies both me and my mother suffer from. With that being said, that doesn't mean that I don't like animals. Sure, I like some more than others. If I was able to handle it, I would have loved to own a dog. However, I had to settle on owning an iguana. That did not last long, considering they can be mean and are not something a young boy can play with it. Recently, friends of mine Lisa and Steve (yes, the same Lisa and Steve from my Disney wedding post), acquired a pet. They live in an apartment, so they had to be careful about what type of pet they can get. So without further ado, I present to you Hemmingway...the hedgehog.


Adorable, isn't he? About the size of a promotional coaster, this little scamp is about four inches long and weighs just under a pound. He doesn't do much yet because he is still timid around people, but he has no problem just chilling in your hand and rolling up into a ball. Hedgehogs tend to be nocturnal and habitual, as they like to use the routes they are familiar with. A hedgehog will eat the equivalent of one-third of its body weight in one night. Its favorite foods are insects, earthworms, snails and slugs. Commonly, this is replaced with cat food and ferret food and is supplemented by insects and other small animals. Hedgehogs are considered a low-maintenance pet. Their curiosity and need for stimuli make for quick adjustment to their owners, and their eating and waste habits make for a relatively clean household for the pet. This makes the hedgehog an ideal pet for urban and suburban homes, and the perfect pet for Lisa and Steve.


Bye Bye Bungalow, Hello Hatch

January 14, 2010 06:37 by Sarah

Earlier this week some of the IT department members made latteral desk moves to new homes. This new re-organization is great for us because it now allows the graphics team to be housed together, merchandising to be kept together and the rest of IT (programmers, content developers and marketing) to be all in one place. I'm definitely liking my new desk so far, and when I have time to finally decorate it I will. Right now I've only hung up the essentials: my promotional coaster that reads The Jackass Club El Presidente, a picture of Bob Kelso from Scrubs, and my Dr. Horrible promotional wall calendar. I sometimes wonder if I need anything else in life.

So the move thus far has been a success, and I only have one problem. No it's not the temperature. I actually am quite enjoying not sweating to death. And no it's not the lack of drawer space because downsizing from six drawers and two cabinets made me realize that I was only a few steps (and some dead cats) away from being a candidate for that show, Hoarders. So thank goodness I cleared that up. I mean really, why did I still have catalogs from 2006?

My problem is with the re-naming of the office that now houses Mike, Anthony and Sarah E. It used to affectionately be called The Bungalow because of it's often tropic temperature. Keri even made a little name plate for the door that boasted a palm tree and a hut and said the Bungalow in pink writing. It was girly, but it was because only girls lived in there, but now that Anthony and Mike are in there...girly just won't do.

Last night I popped in there at about 6 to return a box that I borrowed from Sarah E for the move and I noticed the name plate on the door. No longer did it read The Bungalow. No longer did it boast a happy little palm tree. And no it didn't say something professional that said like Graphics and Merchandising Office, because that's no fun. And here at Motivators we're all about the fun. Instead, I saw this:

The awesome design was created by Anthony because he's a huge LOST fan (seriously follow @MotivatorsTV on twitter or read any of his blogs and you'll see what I mean.)  Here at the office we've seen this logo adorn his AIM icon and even once, a birthday cake for our boss. And maybe it's because I'm one of the few people who doesn't like LOST (twenty bucks says I just lost like 3 followers on twitter with that statement) but it kinda hurts to see that on, what to me will always be the Bungalow door.

I don't care that Mike has refused to ever work in a place called "the Bungalow" and no matter how many phone calls I receive asking me to "Please come to the Hatch" I'm still considering it The Bungalow.

What can I's the hoarder in me. :)