Getting Ready...

November 26, 2013 05:12 by Ozzie

It is my favorite time of the year - the extended Thanksgiving weekend! I always look forward to this time of year, not only because I get to spend time with my family and enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving feast, but also because I get four wonderful days of laughter, food, shopping, partying and just having fun. This year however, it seems we might have a bit of a disturbance. According to The Weather Channel, winter storm Boreas is fast approaching the Northeast and could possibly disturb holiday travel for a lot of people.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it will be over by Thursday, so I can drive down to see my family in NJ without any problem. However, thanks to Motivators, I am prepared for any snow or ice storm that might approach with the Polar Ice Scraper that we received earlier this week.

Hopefully, the weather won't be as bad as it is forecasted and we will be able to get through the messy weather and enjoy the nice long weekend without much of a struggle! Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Nor'easter Coming Our Way...

February 6, 2013 11:17 by Meryem

As you all have heard from the media, we are supposed to be getting hit with a big snow storm this Friday! I found out from my email this morning. When I got to work today, my sales team decided to cancel our sales dinner due to the snow scare.

I, on the other hand, was super excited when I heard we might get two feet of snow! "I wish it was 10 feet of snow!" I thought to myself. OK, I might have actually yelled it out to everyone.

I was just so happy that it was going to finally snow, maybe even a lot! I love how everything gets covered in white and looks so peaceful. Even the snow shoveling does not bother me. I hope everyone has their promotional ice scrapers and lip balms handy. Looks like they'll come in handy this weekend. 

The Case of the Mysterious Ice Scraper

February 19, 2010 05:04 by Jenn

The snow falls, the roads slick, your car vabooms. It's an awful reality of the winter, but because of weather conditions and inexperienced drivers, there are more accidents. (Which is why we highly recommend custom auto safety kits as winter giveaways.)

One of my dearest darlings, Tanya, had the unfortunate luck of getting into an accident during a snow storm in January. No ambulances were called, but her car was headed for the morgue. I've been in accidents where it made more sense to toast the car and buy a new one than repair the damages. But Tanya really loved her little car, so she enlisted a miracle worker.
The miracle mechanic said it would take time, but she trusted in his oil smudged hands. For a month she was carless. But with prayer and hard work, the mechanic miracle worker called her with good news, "You're car is ready." She paid the man and reunited with her long lost love. It wasn't until last weeks storm that she realized something was terribly wrong. It wasn't the breaks, or the radiator. No awful bubbling noise from the engine or a dead head lamp. Instead - her trusty promotional snow brush had been stolen!

As Tanya searched the car- hood to trunk- for her snow brush the snow continued to fall. She had places to be and people to be with - but with no snow brush it was impossible. However, while scuffling through college text books and various pairs of shoes in the back of her car, Tanya did find something peculiar - a promotional ice scraper. She racked her brain, "Do I own an ice scraper?" The confusion is clear to see. She dropped off her car with a snow brush and returned to it a month later with an ice scraper. Perhaps the mechanic miracle worker turned the snow brush into a snow scraper while turning her non working car into a functioning one? The question remained on her mind and she questioned its appearance.

After paying closer attention to the promotional ice scraper, Tanya saw a crisp little imprint with her mechanic's name, address and telephone number. "Well that's nice," she thought, "but where's myyyyyyy ice brush?"
Working for a promotional products company, I've heard great ideas for marketing and seen sweet promotions in action. However, never before have I heard of a promotional product appearing upon the disappearance of another. Super slick exposure? Tanya doesn't think so. The ice scraper was fantastic for the ice....but the 16 inches of snow on top of it had to be removed with her arm. Until her snow brush reappears I'll have to give her some makeshift ice brush tips. A snow boot fashioned up my arm is my favorite technique. What's yours?

Snowed in, and not a Man in Sight...

February 11, 2010 03:20 by Jenn

Snowed in, and not a man in sight.

It's embarrassing to say, but I've been defeated by a fluffy form of H2O.

If I were in Freeport, where I was living last month, it may have been an easier commute. My road shoots right off of Sunrise highway and there are three strong men that would've attacked my car and pushed it on to the road with gusto. Unfortunetely, that is not the case here in Levittown. After a mambo jumbo of family happenings, I ended up here with my sister-in-law, Debbie and three nieces. Babies are not interchangeable with promotional ice scrapers (or strong, husky men).

Being the part-time Mainer that I am, I approached my spaceship wagon with determination. But after scraping, digging and pushing to no avail, my true New Yorker colors bled all over the snow. Debbie, with her nursing degree, treated her car like a sick patient. However she was unable to subdue his temperature or remove the snow infection. Even her SUV ended up looking something like this.
Which brings me to better and brighter snow news; snow logos are continuing to pop up everywhere! I found this image of a Toyota snow logo from the Huffington Post. They shared an entire slew of awesome things to do with snow. What are your favorite snow activities? No matter what they are, pack on the promotional outerwear. It's as cold as ice.

No Christmas Without Promotional Ice Scrapers

December 9, 2009 10:28 by Jenn

About two months ago we had a family party at my house. The smell of a home cooked meal, the festive decorations and the joy of having all my family members around me gave me that memorable feeling of, "Christmastime." Now that I think of it, I was spending a majority of my time writing descriptions for promotional holiday gifts in October, which could have inspired those jolly thoughts.

Do you know what I'm talking about? It's that feeling sometimes sparked when the first drop of snow sticks to your tongue or when your favorite holiday song plays in the store while you're shopping. Your eyes gently open up and chills dance along your shoulders. It’s almost like you’re thinking, “Aaaaaaaaaaaw look at that incredible adorable cat!” and, “I just won the lottery!” at the same time.
However, today is December 9th and I've lost that feeling of Christmasness. I can't keep the radio on the holiday song station for an entire song and I've yet to purchase a single gift. Nothing has helped to bring the merry merry into my life this month, not even my parent's in Mr. and Mrs. Clause costumes. But my morning commute in the rainy mess, finally shed some light on my Scroogness. It hasn't snowed yet.

Call me old fashioned, but I'm always dreaming of a white Christmas. Snow makes a gutter beautiful. I mean really, why else did someone post this photograph of their home's roof gutters on-line?
After spending my last four winters in Maine, I've grown accustom to snow in October and this rain storm stuff just isn't cutting it. I want some hardcore fluffy whites. Until then, there will be no decorating of trees or Christmas caroling.

While I await the snow, I'll keep promotional ice scrapers on stand by and some custom printed eco fleece gloves tucked away in my car. As for a Christmas wish? I wish that my Christmas wish be granted eleven days early so that the first accumulating snow is on December 14th. Yeah, ten days of excessive Christmas song singing and gift wrapping sounds doable to me.

Power Out - Custom Printed Hand Crank Flashlights On

December 3, 2009 07:50 by Jenn

I'd personally like to thank the pouring rain last night for giving my car the refreshing washing that it's been begging for. However, as I stopped at 7-11 on my morning commute, I could tell the store owner wasn't as grateful towards the rain storm.

Huge branches and rubber-covered wires laid in the parking lot entwined. As I walked into the unlit store I wondered if they were actually open. Right away, a man greeted me with a half hearted hello and said, "Anything but hot coffee."

Since my main prerogative was to purchase a steaming cup of cappuccino, I quickly headed to the refrigerator section. "Then I guess its cold coffee for me!" I replied to the store owner. "Anything but hot coffee!" he repeated to every customer that walked in through the propped door. None of the patrons looked happy.
"Ya don't got a generator?" one man questioned the down and out owner. "Nope," he said as he headed to the check out counter. Perhaps he should look into alternatives to the power supplies he's used to. If only there was a giant custom printed Solarlink crank radio large enough to function as a generator. I mean it can already charge your phone or MP3, why not hook some coffee pots up to it? Using solar power or a crank would be much more sustainable then the gallons of oil needed to fuel a generator.
I made my way to the counter and I held out a twenty dollar bill next to my Starbuck's canned frappachino and pack of gum. "Uuuuuh," he said while counting on his fingers, "I'm just rounding it up today." He handed me back seventeen dollars and I headed back to my car.

Unfortunately, with the lack of coffee, a real 7-11 selling point, I'm sure the store lost business today. They may want to consider a promotion of their own. Maybe they'll consider custom printed hand powered flashlights for any customers interested in shopping in their powerless store at night.
At least we don't need to have our promotional ice scrapers out yet. Instead of snow packed on my car, I got a car wash and a pretty good deal on my gum and coffee. Motivators snow graphics are accumulating right now, while it's 65 and sunny out there.

When Birds Attack: Get Me Promotional Ice Scrapers

November 23, 2009 04:43 by Jenn
After another glorious escapade to Maine, it's expected that I come back to tell tales of clear skies and green pastures. However, while I'm sure I'll get to that sometime; this blog will only cover the disgusting, "Welcome Home" gift I received last night.

For commuting purposes, I left my car on a side street in Hicksville under a lovely little tree and wedged neatly next to the sidewalk. After a hasty run to the train station I realized I'd left the keys in the car and hoped no criminal would fiend for my space wagon. I left confident that my magical whip’s clever disguise as an old 93' station wagon would deter any thieves and subsequently forgot about it altogether until my return.

As my friend Meg turned down the block I left my car on, I squealed in excitement that my hunk of metal glory was not stolen. However, once approaching the front door, I realized it had been badly beaten in a earth shattering act of vandalism. From roof top racks to my P.C. Richards promotional bumper sticker my space wagon was covered.

"Oh my God!" I screamed while tossing my suitcase on the ground. Meg rolled down the her car window and laughed.

I outstretched my pointer finger and opened the door, narrowly missing the encrusted substance that rained down on my car while I was up in Maine. After sitting inside the space wagon, turning on the windshield wipers and realizing I had no wiper fluid I was brought back to Friday night.

"It's time for introductions!" Tyler, the man of the house, said. "Ooooo let's play a game!" Ellen screeched, "What's your name? Where do you go to school? What's your favorite animal?" While it would've made more sense for the 1 person present that we didn't know to introduce himself, we decided to play the childish game. As one of the last people to answer, I racked my brain for the favorite animal question. When it was my turn I replied, "My name's Jenn. I went to Saint Joe's and my favorite animals are birds."

Most of my friends laughed immediately, understanding that for years I have had a dislike, and hovering fear of those winged creatures. Still, I stood by my answer, which brings me back to my gross, nasty, blaaah space wagon encounter last night.
I'm going to assume that as my friends played our name game, a large gathering of birds played their own game. "Who's your favorite human?" they clucked. I was hands down the winner, and my prize? Bird crap. "Tweet, tweet, hooray for Jenn!" the birds must've squawked as they plummeted my car with their droppings. "She's the best!"

Oh how I regretted my stupid sarcastic joke the moment I saw their retaliation.

Before cleaning off the grossness I met up with a friend who immediately said, "Looks like the birds got at ya car." I then went through a drive-thru in which the headset man asked in a very serious tone, "Maim, what happened to your car?" And finally while parked at the gas station a wide eyed woman gawked from a distance. "Whaaaaat haaaaaaappened?" she said. By then I'd just about had it and Meg added, "Uuuuuh some of this ain't coming off."
We scrubbed and whipped and scrubbed and screamed. "Seriously? This is so gross." I said right before admitting defeat. We sat inside of my car and gagged while looking at the bird crap smeared windows that encased us. I'm going to need a custom printed ice scraper to take care of this bird dropping debacle. Make that promotional ice scrapers. I think I need every Motivator armed with an ice scraper to demolish the packed on bird crap.

Ugh. I'm going to put my bad boy through a car wash after work and will let you know of any updates tomorrow. I'm seriously worried that I may be rejected at the car wash due to the amount of nastiness that is now my space wagon. So really, thank you birds. I can't think of better way to return home, then with the wrath of your disgustingness sealing my car doors shut.

What is Going On Out There?

January 16, 2009 09:59 by Sarah

A few weeks ago there was a man in the office with floor samples. We were told that the building's owner was re-doing it. Now there's nothing wrong with our building as is, but no one is going to turn their heads at a great opportunity to revamp the style. We had wallpaper in the hallway that was peeling a little bit and we all thought, great a touch up.

It started with a new paint color, a very pale yellow. The hallway kind of looked a little bit like a hospital but it wasn't that bad. The next step was new carpeting. Blood red. Okay, so it's kinda cringe worthy and certain people have made references to the Shining and I'm really tempted to freak Annand out and just leave a tricycle outside the door one morning when he comes in early. The tricycle is the cheapest of my 3 options, the seond being renting a bear suit (too costly) or finding a pair of 7 year old twin girls (too much work).

The latest addition to the hallway came as a shock to all of us. One day, Keri returned from the bathroom and told me that 3 red squares had been added to our door. Just ours though, nobody elses. And then the next day, half of our door was maroon. So just so you all have an idea of what I'm talking about iour hallway now looks like this.


I don't really know what to say. It's a work in progress obviously but each day we get here, ready to sell the very best promotional products, but we don't know what we're walking in to. It was mentioned that I really should have chronicled this from the start, but too little too late I suppose. None of us ever thought it would get to this point. But now, all we can do is sit back and watch. Just go about our merry days selling promotional products in an office that looks like...I don't even know what.

In unrelated news I'm really glad that we sell promotional foam handle deluxe ice scrapers because I used it on my car this morning. Don't know if you've kept up with the other blogs but it REALLY is cold outside!

I'll be sure to post a finished pic when it's completed. It should be interesting.

What the?

December 16, 2008 08:18 by Sarah

Approximately an hour and 20 minutes ago (1PM, EST) I walked out of Motivators cheery office building in Westbury. I commented to Aaron, a highly integral member of prep department, that I expected it to be much colder. Dan Link, an integral member of our art department happened to be walking in as we were leaving and he was sans jacket, it was that mild. We headed to Mama Theresa's a local Italian place for lunch. We ate some pizza, we drank some iced tea, it was a good time. And approximately 49 minutes after leaving the Motivators headquarters (Mama T's is about 2 minutes away), as we were getting ready to dump our garbage and head back to work, Aaron stopped short. I nearly slammed right into him and was confused by his comment of "What the?"

There, through the glass windows, I saw it. Snow. Lots and lots of snow. It was coming down and it was coming down hard. Luckily it's not sticking to the ground, but it stuck to my car. My promotional ice scraper is buried beneath a pile of stuff in my backseat, and now's about the time that I should be looking for it.

Thanks to Motivators I don't drive an igloo.

December 16, 2008 07:11 by Jenn

The whole northeast of the United States is suffering," said Jeff Tilghman of Northeast Utilities about the ice storm that hit the northeast coast last Thursday into Friday. “The whole northeast…is suffering.”  

I carefully slide down the icy sidewalks of my Maine campus and made my way through the forest of fallen ice-covered branches. Once I reached the parking lot I heard banging, scraping, and yelling. After reaching my snow-covered station wagon, I understood why. “The whole northeast…is suffering.”

I stretched my arm over the top of my car and began to brush the loose snow off the top. My custom imprinted jacket, adorned with the St. Joe’s logo, kept my arm from freezing off in the process. My gloveless hand was curled in a ball hidden in the sleeve as I continued to clear the snow off.

After a few minutes, the layer of fluffy snow was completely gone. Unfortunately, that’s when I had to start with all that scraping, banging, and yelling. “The whole northeast…is suffering.”  

 Underneath the newly fallen snow was a two-inch-thick ice coating. I uncurled my fist and traced the slippery slopes of my car with my fingertips. All around me I heard huffing and puffing as every ounce of energy was used to plow the ice off of cars. “Now what?” I thought to myself.

Left and right ice scrapers were breaking in half and cars remained in their frozen shells. I pried my door open and sat inside, turning the defrost on to help melt away the ice. I considered how long it would take to turn that ice into puddles on the blacktop. "Forever," I assumed. “The whole northeast…is suffering.”

After stepping out of my car, I looked on as a guy raised his ice scraper over his head and drove it into the ice on his windshield. Tiny clear shattered pieces slid down the hood of his car. Unfortunately they were pieces of his ice scraper, not shattered ice. The frozen water had won the fight and poor guy was ruined. As I watched him begin to beat on the roof of his car, the thought came to me. What if there was an ice scraper so strong, so powerful, and so unbreakable that even this ice couldn’t withstand the scraping. Then it dawned on me.

I skated across the ice in my boots and ran right into my room. There, under the bed, in storage container was my Motivators promotional ice scraper. As I glided back to the parking lot I fastened my grip around the soft black handle and felt invincible. That first scrape dove into the two inches of ice and freed my car from its captor.

I spent the next hour driving my Motivator’s ice scraper into Jeeps, Chevrolets, and BMWs. That ice didn’t stand a chance.

Over a million people lost power due to the ice storm. “The whole northeast…is suffering.”

Well, not me, I’ve got my Motivators ice scraper. The best promotional product for this winter wonderland.