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May 10, 2010 10:32 by Motivators

On May 6, 2010 the world lost a great person, Motivators lost a great employee and many of us here lost a great friend. Jenn Jimenez started here in 2008 as an intern and returned after her college graduation to move into the position of a content specialist. With 264 blogs under her belt here at the Motivators Company Blog, we felt it only right for this to be the place where we, as her co-workers and friends honor her...

Jenn had a thirst for knowledge. Anytime we worked together on a task, she tried to get down to the nuts and bolts of it.. to really understand the subject. This was contagious, as many times I looked further into the task to make sure I was giving her correct answers! We should never forget to ask: "Why?"

More importantly, she was the champion of my hair! She always encouraged the hair and beard to be a little longer (to the dismay of my wife). I was going to shave last week, but I haven't yet. This beard's for you, Jenn.


Traveling the world was one thing we would always talk about and now she'll get to visit all the beautiful places she hasn't seen/visited yet. I'm very happy that she gets to fulfill that.  One thing she told me often was to always stay positive and to enjoy every second of your life.

I'll never forget the smile on her face. I'm going to miss the happy and jolly person she always was.


A few months ago, Jenn and I decided it was time to get in shape! We headed down the block to Planet Fitness and joined. We vowed to meet each other there every morning before work. The routine started off great; both arrived at around 7:15am, hopped on the elliptical, "pumped some iron" (as Jenn called it) at the 30 minute circuit workout, and made fun of ourselves for being lame (occasionally we flirted with older men- ha). After we sweat our butts off it was shower time at around 8:30am. Jenn took the center shower on most days and I usually shot the one to the left (we tested pressure and temperature to be safe - duh). We laughed, sang (Jenn was louder), shared shampoo and conditioner (Jenn usually borrowed mine), and talked about our weekends all while showering (it's not weird at all – I swear!). It was awesome to have Jenn as my gym buddy! Although she was focused and motivated, she never let her drive get in the way of having an awesome time at the gym, or anywhere else for that matter.

Recently, I started slacking; showing up at 7:45am and breaking my pact with Jenn. She was always there – I don't think she missed a day! I would stroll on in, half-sleeping and there she was smiling in her red t-shirt, so happy to see me.

This past Tuesday will always stand out as an awesome day for Jenn and I at the gym. After we took our shower, I look over and Jenn had that quirky smile on her face. She said – "Oh SH*T! – I didn't bring any shoes to change into. All I have are these beat-up kicks!" Once we stopped laughing I pulled myself together and told her I wish all she brought was a dress. I could just picture her strolling into the office in a cute dress and "beat-up kicks!"

While Jenn had her silly side at the gym and around the office, she also had a serious side. Well, not too serious but serious enough to let my sister interview her for a 6 page term paper. More than willing, Jenn went back and forth with Stacey answering all questions with as much details as possible. We all know those term papers. Either we had to write one, or someone asked us to help them out. Painful on either end, but Jenn did it with pride. I know Stacey will do amazing on that paper and we have Jenn to thank.

Moving forward, I am making a new pact to myself and Jenn. I will live every day to the fullest just like she did. Sometimes do things a little crazy and loosen up a bit. "Work 8 hours, Play 8 hours" as Jenn would always say. We love you Jenn, you are a shining star and not a day will go by that Motivators won't miss you.


Jenn, you have a smile that would light up a room. I believe that god has taken you away from us because he has another task for you. We are all sadden for this lost. Motivators has lost a great inspirational person. As I read all of your blogs on a daily basis I would get motivated by your words. I will miss that about you.

From the warm greetings in the mornings  to the end of the business day when I would  get up and yell out loudly "THE DAY IS FINALLY OVER" and make you jump out of your skin.

I would look across from the desk and you would start smiling. I will miss that very much. Now that I look up and you are no longer there, you may be gone but you Will never be forgotten. 

May you rest in peace JENN JIMENEZ it was an honor and privilege to have known you.  May god bless you always.


A particular memory I have with Jenn was at our last holiday party. Toward the end of the party, a few of us went into the conference room to play a game of Texas Hold'em.  Jenn tagged along. As we were setting up and beginning to play, she was asking a lot of questions about "How do I do this…" or "What if I do that…" leading us to believe that she had not really played the game before. We showed her what to do and began playing. Little did we know what was in-store for us. As the game went along, Jenn was starting to get a little loose with the betting, betting on things amateurs wouldn't bet on,  and was actually bluffing and conning us. Turns out she has played before was hustling us out of our money. Now I broke even (thank God!), but the "pro's" of this game (Sung and ex-employee Bill P.) lost their money, and even bought back in and lost that too. When all was said and done, out of a pot of approximately $120, Jenn walked away with almost $90. The only thing funnier was the look on Bill's face, and the vulgar language that soon followed when she took the last of his money.


Jenn had an impact on everyone she met. I have never met anyone who could be so consistently sweet and happy. She had a truly untapped talent for writing. Right here on this blog we saw day after day Jenn weave intricate, dramatic and interesting stories out of simple promotional products. As someone that really enjoys writing on this blog, I don't know if she ever knew this, but her blogs pushed me to be the best blogger I could be. My lasting memory with her will be "The Race for 250". I was always encouraging her to be the first person to get to 250 blogs on here, she was hoping there would be a prize for winning, so I found one. A Best Buy tote bag I got at the car show. It was a little late but she couldn't be happier when I gave it to her. Knowing Jenn, she would absolutely hate that this blog isn't talking about the greatness of promotional products but in time we will all be back talking about our favorite items and how they impact our lives, she wouldn't want it any other way. For now though it is a time to remember Jenn Jimenez. Jenn, I hope you finally have that spaceship you always wanted.


My best day with Jenn…spending the day with her at the Go Green Expo and everyone thinking she was my daughter.

I would have been very proud if she really had been.


Jenn was the catch phrases "don't let work bog you down," "live every day like it's your last," "find happiness in everything you do," and more all rolled into one.  She was the only person I knew that could make even a walk to the bathroom more fun than it should be.  She didn't even have to say anything, just a smile and a song, and you knew the lesson she was trying to teach this world.  She taught me that you could pretty much find the good in anything.  Most of our work interactions were just me asking her to make product descriptions, which should be boring, but not if Jenn had anything to do with it.  One time I made a story out of it, for example, "so we're going to play a prank on 39496, there's a pool full of description over there, when he's not looking, push him in!"  To which she responded, "haha ok totally, watch my back!"  After the first one, she wouldn't let me off easily.  I couldn't just tell her what product it was, there had to be a story about it, which made the mundane task of telling someone to do that much more fun than it should have been.  If I left the story out, it was usually responded to with a sad face or "ohhhh, letttt downnnn" or both.  She managed to turn "please make a description for this item" into something fun. 


My favorite Jenn moment was on Halloween of 2009… she came in as Lucille Ball and actually dyed her hair red.  She was as authentic as they come. 


Such a free spirit and a thoughtful person, Jenn will be greatly missed.


I really didn't have much time to get to know Jenn on a personal level, but from the way my co-workers spoke of her I know in my heart she was a very caring person. From the time that she began working with us I could tell that she was a hard worker always voicing her opinion on problems that may face our department. Jenn was very good at getting all of her work tasks finished on time and very promptly. She was organized and well spoken. She loved her tea in the morning and sushi during lunch. Jenn was the type of person that no matter what problems may be facing she would never show it always had a big smile on her face. She will be missed very much by me as well as my fellow co-workers.


Jenn told me when we attended the PPAI expo "life is very short so you should live life to its fullest every day"


She had a smile that could light up a room. Even if I was unhappy, seeing her smile would make me forget everything and smile back. She was a contagiously energetic, caring, and sweet person. I will miss her...


My memories of Jenn: She was an asset to IT and Motivators. It will be hard to replace Jenn. It feels like she was working with us for a long time, she will be truly missed.  Jenn was very dedicated to Motivators, and this showed even in her last hours on earth trying to get content to write about so Motivators can be successful. She was not a follower but a leader in her own way, very young but very mature for her age. You will not find many like her in age that are dedicated and take their career seriously; she is an example of how a young professional should be at their job.  If you never met her but want to know about her read her blogs and articles and you will see who  Jenn Jimenez was and why we miss her.


I will always remember Jenn as a person who's lust for life was immeasurable. I remember when she first started here at Motivators and we became friends almost instantly and began going to happy hour and other outside of work events, she always made it such an amazing time. I remember one time in particular when it was probably a Wednesday night (it’s probably almost 3 years ago so days are hazy) and Jenn called me at about 10pm at night to see what was going on. I had been hanging out w/ my best friend Ricky (who also passed away this past year…miss you buddy), and nothing had been going on. She said why not, night was Young and we had work the next day (was that possibility of 2hrs of sleep before a long work day going to stop us…NEVER)…next thing I know we are having a midnight pool party at Rick’s house with music, drinks, and an “In-Pool Disco Ball” which Jenn had brought over. It’s spontaneous fun times like that, which will live on with me. Thanks Jenn for everything, you’ll always be a part of me, and I love you for that!


Whenever I would talk or hang out with Jenn, I always walked away thinking "I wish I was more like her." Recently we were at a work Happy Hour and she told me that for as many hours as she worked, she also played. She had a spark that made her glow, and made everyone around her want to smile. I wish I knew her better, but from what I did know...she was amazing.



For a while it was very difficult to put into words how I was feeling. Like all of us, I felt incredibly sad and empty. For one of the first times ever, I didn’t know what to even attempt to do with myself. Nothing felt right, it was almost as if I had to learn how to live life over again. I spent the last two weeks talking about Jenn to her friends and family, sharing stories of the good times we had and the legacy that she left. Still, trying to compose myself enough to write something was too difficult at first. I am still struggling to fight my way through the video footage and podcast recordings, but seeing her and hearing her voice has also served as a source of strength and inspiration. What makes it so hard is the immeasurable, indescribable amount that I will miss her, but even without her physical presence she has comforted me throughout this entire process. It is one thing to have an impact and influence on someone by simply being who you are and sharing your wisdom, opinions and enjoyment of life with them, it is quite a unique and special situation when someone can guide you and help you through incredibly rough times even when they aren’t standing right in front of you anymore. Not only is Jenn a ray of sunshine, but she had much to teach us. Even those that weren’t as eager to learn still absorbed her life lessons through her compassion, enthusiasm, beauty and love of all people and things. Jenn has always taught us that life is precious and that you should be enjoying and appreciating all 24 hours of everyday. She has always encouraged creativity and the development and pursuit of hopes and dreams. Nothing was too far-fetched or too silly for Jenn. There was nothing or nobody that could de-rail Jenn from her beliefs and her happiness. This is someone that really understood what life was all about and everyone that knew her was privileged, to say the least. Everyone that she ever spoke to can take something from her and bring it with them wherever their life’s journey leads them. And I implore anyone that did know her, to hold on to and cherish what she has given you and put it into practice whenever you can. Because while those of us that knew Jenn have lost something so wonderful, beautiful, valuable and irreplaceable…those that did not know her have lost even more because they will never have the opportunity to experience one of life’s true heroes. Jennifer Jimenez was and still is a gift to us. She has changed lives and will continue to do so as she works her magic through us. I am one of those changed people. I will never be the same again and re-learning how to live life was difficult at times, but this time around I will be a better version of myself because I promised Jenn that I wouldn’t let her down. That I would live my life the way she wanted me to live it; more like the way she lived hers.

In our last conversation, Jenn had a message for all of you. A message that I originally thought was meant for just the ears of myself and my girlfriend Samantha as the three of us talked that night. I realize now that she wanted me to pass this along to everyone and I will forever do that…

After our successful pursuit of new content for our social media efforts was complete, Jenn and I shared our excitement for what we had done and I told her what a pleasure it was to work with her. Not just because of her glowing personality and the joy it was to hang out with her, but because we shared a similar vision as well as a trust and understanding of exactly what we wanted to accomplish, which always makes it easier when working together with others. She then took that ball and ran with it as she described to us what she felt was one of the most important things in life. It almost sounds surreal and I don’t know if I have every word exactly as she said it, but I will never forget her sentiment:  “It‘s the relationships that you have that make life as wonderful as it is. Sometimes it’s easy and fun, but it’s important not to take it for granted because without those relationships, your life would feel empty because there would be no one to share your experiences and feelings with. And if there was no one to share things with, what is good wouldn’t feel as good as it could. Even the relationships in your life that you have to work at are worth having and working at, because something good can still come of it.”

We talked about how insightful that was even right after she said it. We even joked about how she could have been a philosophy major. But she didn’t need to major in philosophy to share her love and wisdom with the world and I will never forget those words as well as the many other life lessons she has taught me in the time that I was blessed enough to know and spend time with her. I love you Jenn, and I can’t thank you enough for everything that you have given to me. I will give back in the same way that you gave yourself to everyone, and hopefully I can change at least one life in the way that you have changed countless lives.

- Anthony


I can't express how much I miss Jenn. This vibrant young woman that reminded me so much of myself at 22, came into my life! When you start at new job, you never know what you will run into.. I was lucky enough to meet and get to know Jenn. Lunch time was always better when Jenn was around! She would tell fantastic stories, sing songs, and make us laugh! One of my fondest memories, was a mug that she would always use. It said "I Love Bingo" on it! I always thought that was so fun! I believe her Nana gave it to her. This mug was more then a mug, it was a precious work of ceramic joy to her! One day the "I love Bingo mug" dissapeared! To be honest, now that I think back on it, it may had been one of the only days here that she was actually upset.  Who cold steal such a mug! So I said, Lets
send out an email to everyone, i'm sure the mug will turn up! I believe later on that day it was found in the breakroom cabinet. The mystery had been solved. Around that time I knew I was all about being this chics friend! Anyone that can love and laugh is good in my book! "yeah man! She would say! She was up for anything.
I suppose in a way, I would live vicariously through her optimistic eyes. Her fresh take on things made me optimistic too..  It felt good to be around Jenn and I'm so happy I had those moments. When things get you down, say to yourself...  "oh silly (enter name here) , why are you worring so! Things will be ok!"  Because that's what Jenn would say!                 

Love you baby girl, my lucy, my co-worker, my shining star!


-Maria C  aka "Silly Maria"

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