Customize your drink.

May 1, 2013 09:34 by Olha

Looking for a perfect giveway for the summer season? Look no further! Motivators offers many products to keep you cool and comfortable this summer. Some great ideas include; koozies, coolers, water bottles, and sun umbrellas. My favorite is the custom iced tea bottle drinks, which are tasty and perfect for a hot summer day. These are great for trade shows during the summer, bbq, picnics and outdoor weddings. The label offers lots of room for printing and since these can be digitally printed, most logo's/images would work.

Time To Hike

April 16, 2013 06:04 by Sung

Now that the warmer weather is here to stay, I am anxiously waiting for this year's hiking trip.

Every year people from my local Infiniti forum take a cruise out to Bear Mountain. The experience of driving in a pack of nice cars, with good people and spectacular scenery, is priceless. Although I am so out of shape, I just hope my body can handle the trek up to the summit.

I won't forget to bring my custom outdoor equipment. I will be sure to have my binocular with me to look at the beautiful landscape. Now to start working out to get fit before the big day.

2013 Spring Craft Beer Festival

March 8, 2013 09:26 by Jon

This Saturday, March 9th at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, is the 7th annual 2013 Spring Craft Beer Festival. In the event center's 60,000 square foot area, there will be over 50 brewers from all over the country, pouring their selected brews.  There will be tons of food and a beer garden to enjoy. 

Now what is the point of brewers from all over the country, to come do this for almost no profit? ADVERTISING! That's what. They will hand out t-shirts and mugs and necklaces, all featuring their brewery's name and information.

When this event is over, their name will be on your apparel or kitchen water cup for a long time to come. They realize how important it is to get their product out there. Almost as important as name recognition and this event will ensure that.  So grab your promotional glass mug and support some small company breweries.  I forgot to mention, it's a blast!

Morning Coffee and Showing My Fandom!

October 26, 2012 08:27 by Jon

A few weeks ago my girlfriends brother stopped by for his first visit to our new apartment.  He didn't really know what to get us for an apartment warming gift, so at his most recent trip to Modells, he picked us up 2 New York Jets promotional travel mugs.  At first I thought they were cool but I wasn't sure how much use they would get.  After a week of using my new money managing website, apparently it wasn't too keen on me getting Starbucks/dunking donuts twice a day.  So I began to brew my own coffee at home and leave it in the refrigerator for iced coffee whenever I wanted.  It's been great for convenience and that website says I save about $30 a week or $120 a month or $1,560 a year.  It gets pretty in depth!

It's Time for a Tailgate!

September 27, 2012 05:02 by Ali

Although Eric and I missed the home opener for the Miami Hurricanes against Bethune Cookman, we will be sure to attend the home game this Saturday against NC State and put our season tickets to good use. While the game isn't scheduled to start until 1pm, we are leaving our apartment bright and early at 9am (college style) to get our tailgate started. My friend Katie is bringing supplies to make mimosas and I will be heading to Publix tomorrow night to get some other goodies. Since it will be breakfast time, I figured I would make muffins and possibly bring ingredients for Bloody Mary's as they are my new favorite drink! I am really excited to see the 'canes in action as they have been playing really well. Of course, I am hoping for a win!

One thing that I will be sure not to forget is my Hurricanes gear. I am sure I will sport my Miami branded t-shirt and maybe even some orange and green beads to show my support. I know Eric will wear his 'canes hat as well as a t-shirt or jersey. UM has some crazy fans so I know I will see Hurricane tents, cups, flags, noisemakers, coolers and even cars! I am really excited to get together with our friends for an awesome tailgate!

After going through a collage of my life (aka facebook albums) I came across this pic of Eric and I from 2007 at a 'canes game while we attended UM. I am hoping to have an updated pic from the game on Saturday that I will be sure to share!


Not Letting Go Yet!!

August 24, 2012 09:04 by Jon

Enough with the school supplies and Halloween talk!  I'm not ready to let the summer go!  I love the heat and the sun staying out until after 9.  I love the bbqs and beach days.  I love the outdoor restaurants and bars with all the promotional summer giveaways.  Baseball games and outdoor concerts.  I think I might need to move to Florida!

Although I guess with fall coming up, there are a few good things.  Football will begin, Sam Oktoberfest will be arriving soon, pumpkin picking and sweatshirts....OK maybe this won't be such a bad transition!  Plus I better make sure to order my custom planner as soon as possible to beat the January rush.  I might actually do that now! 

promotional Crystal Water Gun - 6"


August 17, 2012 08:13 by Jon

Yesterday, after a long day of searching, testing and selling promotional products,  I went to a Long Island Ducks baseball game.  It was a beautiful evening for a ball game, and with ex-Mets Armando Benitez and Timo Perez on the team I was excited.  We got there a little before the first pitch and almost immediately the wave of promotional summer giveaways hit me.  It started at the front gate, where we were handed a promotional Bud Harrelson (for those who don't know, he is an ex met and current owner of the Ducks) bobble head.  Next was a promotion spin wheel of items donated from local companies to bring interested fans to their establishments.  On to the concessions where local breweries sold their beer with promotional cups and t-shirts.  Ok, now the advertising has to be over right?  WRONG!  Even in the restroom, there were promotional hand towels for port-a-potty companies!

Finally at the seats, the entire outfield wall looks like something out of the movie Major League.  Every space of wall is covered in advertisements.  In-between every half inning is a sponsored game or giveaway!  Even the mascot Quackerjack participates in these events and interacts with the crowd (my brother, girlfriend and I might of taken a picture with him, see below).  Even though the ducks lost, all in all it was a great night, and gave me even more appreciation for what promotional products can do for your company.


Raffle Time

July 24, 2012 07:05 by Nicholas

Every year, my friend and I throw a house party unlike any other. We bring together our close, mutual friends from the metropolitan area and our respective college friends. (my friends' friends are all from the DC/Virginia area while mine are all over the place - some coming as far as Canada) We buy the food, drinks, decor and even splurge on activities. This year's festivities included movies on a large projector screen and a rented hot tub, among other things.

Our only concern was money. My friend and I split the cost of the party down the middle and only ask for $5-$20 - while it is not even close to covering the cost of the party, we do this so both of us end up not being entirely in the red at the end of the weekend. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of the people who attended last year's party ended up paying us back.

So how did we make sure to collect the money from everyone this time? We didn't hound them at the door or kick them out onto the street. Instead, we organized a raffle with some pretty cool prizes - everything from gift cards to t-shirts to movies. And to guarantee that everyone would not only contribute to the party but also remember the party for years to come, we gave away custom imprinted Beverage Wraps to everyone who contributed $5.

The result? The raffle made a profit of $140, after paying for the can coolers and the 6 other prizes we used. The can coolers were a huge hit, fit snuggly over cans, bottles and cups and it helped remind people who didn't contribute to the party to throw a few dollars our way.

So whether you're throwing a party and need help from contributions or have plenty to go around, be sure to include the Beverage Wraps. They are available in hundreds of different combinations, thanks to the number of color items available and the number of imprint colors available. 


Keep Your Drinks Cool

July 10, 2012 06:19 by Sung

Don't you hate it when you open up a cold drink, drink a few sips, and it goes lukewarm in a matter of minutes? This past saturday was blazing hot. Fishing on a boat takes a lot out of you. I had to keep myself hydrated frequently. Luckily I had my custom can cooler handy. Not only did it keep my drink cool, but everyone was talking about the neat custom imprint that was on it. It sure saved my day. So next time you're looking to host a BBQ or a outdoor event, come check out our huge selection.

Christmas In July!

July 6, 2012 09:23 by Jon

Every year around this time, a bunch of us get together to celebrate Christmas in July.  I'm not sure how this tradition began, but it's a blast none the less.  The preparation begins about a month ahead of time.  We order Christmas themed promotional productions such as apparel, decorations, drink ware, light up green and red hair (not for me obviously!) and whatever other ridiculous items we can find.  One year was a battery powered reindeer that, blew up on its own and, could be worn over one's head.  One year was skittle infused vodka that took about a month of infusing....Let's just say that didn't work out too well...  This year is a make your own Italian ice station, with whatever flavor you can think of, this one should be interesting.  So hopefully the weather is nice and this year is as much fun as years past!

Bag O' Swag!

June 28, 2012 03:32 by Ali

Several times throughout the year, our Merchandising and Marketing departments clean out their closets and drawers and let the rest of us act like school girls by filling our break room with promotional goodies and putting them up for grabs. Being out of the office on such a day is rather stressful, as you know exactly what you are missing and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it... or is there?

Since I used to be present for Swagday, I know exactly how it all goes down: An e-mail is sent out from merchandising that the promo items are for the taking, slowly the email pops up in our inboxes, and not-so-slowly we all pour into the break room. Well atleast that is how it used to be for me (tear, tear) and so far, no one has gotten hurt.

Now, it goes like this: The email goes out that the swag is up for grabs, and those of us working from outside offices imagine the explosion of giggles and tug of war over the hottest new items while we reminisce about our own experiences with Swagday.

Okay, maybe it's not that emotional, but you know what I mean. Lucky for me, I have a team that has my back and makes sure I don't miss out. Upon my return to NY, I was greeted with a bag o' swag from my diamond team members, Adam and Sam (Thank you!!) They put aside an amazing selection and I will be forever grateful. What would you hope to see in your "Bag O' Swag"?