Batman Wouldn't Last A Day

July 10, 2012 04:23 by Nicholas

After seeing The Amazing Spiderman and being one of the (very) few that was actually disappointed by the movie, I only look forward to The Dark Knight Rises (and one day finally seeing Moonrise Kingdom) in theatres. I look forward to seeing the aerial acrobatics, fighting style and deep character development of the Caped Crusader. 

But according to four students from the University of Leicester, Batman would not last a single day as a superhero - unless he used mass transportation to get around. Using physics and a promotional calculator, students found out that Batman's cape would indeed allow him to fly but would hit speeds of close to 50 mph upon landing - making a clean, safe landing next to impossible. Entitled "Trajectory of a Falling Batman" the paper continues to say that "He would likely end up getting a bit splattered." but would be able to successfully fly and land safely if the cape was much larger than his armspan. The conclusion was made using the 15.4' wingspan of the Batman Begins cape and a 150 meter building. 

Perhaps he need a cape more like this one to make the landing? Or do you prefer a more sleek, stylish costume found in the last films?

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