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August 24, 2011 04:04 by Nicholas

Many people have a quintessential place they call home for the summer. Some people head to the beach, others their favourite dive-bar or even have a summer home elsewhere.

For me, the corner of N. 8th Street and Kent Avenue in the Williamsburg region of Brooklyn was my sanctuary, the place I found myself on many nights. The East River State Park, better known as the Williamsburg Waterfront, put on various concerts that ranged from hip-hop to punk and even included shows for children. And for the summer of 2009 and 2010, I was one of the many photographers on-site. In those two years, I saw the likes of Belle & Sebastian, Girl Talk, Wiz Khalifa, Dirty Projectors and Simian Mobile Disco grace the stage overlooking the most beautiful view of the skyline. 

By this time last year, (and the year before) I had been to the Williamsburg Waterfront at least five times that I can think of. I had been feeling somber because I hadn't been there at all this year and it was looking like I wouldn't be there until Summer 2012. 

But I bought tickets for a concert taking place there and in exactly one week I will be seeing Bright Eyes, Dr. Dog and Real Estate. I'm very excited because I grew up listening to Bright Eyes in middle school, saw Dr. Dog in 2007 and won't be working the concert that night.

I checked out some of the merchandise for Bright Eyes and Dr. Dog just a few minutes ago. Dr. Dog is selling some very cool looking promotional sunglasses - which might come in handy because the sunsets are blinding (but gorgeous) and Bright Eyes has some promotional can coolers which will come in handy for the hot summer day. Both bands have pretty neat promotional tote bags and promotional t-shirts. Now, the hard question is, what do I buy?

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