Bring Mother Nature Into Your Cubicle

June 4, 2012 05:39 by Adam

Much of the general population of today's working class people spends their day residing in cubicles. This is not neccessarily a bad thing. A cubicle can act as your mini, day time, studio apartment. It is your own little personal area to make your own. With all of the decorative promotional products you may have decorating your cubicle though, you probably will not have much access to the outside world. Your cubicle may even be located near a window, but the likelyhood is those 3 walls will do their job and block out that window and most of its sunlight. That is where Motivators comes in, we are here to help bring a little bit of the outdoors inside to your cubicle. For example, take our new customized Seed Sensations Grow Guy. All he needs is a little light and a little water and he will grow so much that you will need to give him a haircut. That little plant in your cubicle will give you just a little bit mother nature for you to take care of every day and will bring a little bit of the outdoors inside to you.  

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