Happy Birthday, Google!

September 27, 2011 03:11 by Brandon

While the exact date of Google's birth is unknown (or undecided), the search engine giant celebrates its birthday each September.  Today, Google is celebrating its 13th anniversary!  How do I know?  Go see for yourself at Google.com!

That's right; each September since 2002, Google invites its users to help celebrate its birth month by replacing its Web site's normal banner with a unique Google Doodle.  Interested in seeing previous years' Doodles? Mashable takes a look back at all of Google's birthday Doodles.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1.  The 2002 Google Doodle 







The 2002 Google Doodle was the first of its kind, and it celebrated the search engine's fourth birthday.  Google went all out in 2002.  It turned the logo's letter 'L' into the number four, and inserted a Google-themed custom food product in front.

2. The 2008 Google Doodle

In 2008, Google finally celebrated with a few gifts! The logo was surrounded by gift-wrapped custom tote bags and each letter wore an adorable party hat.  What a great way to commemorate the search engine's 10 year anniversary.

3.  This Year's Google Doodle








Google took an entirely new approach to its 2011 birthday celebration.  The logo this year is presented in a retro fashion.  The room's filled with streamers, promo balloons, a brightly colored table cloth and all. 

For a look at each year's Google Doodle, click here!  Happy birthday, Google!

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