Is Your Brand Marilyn Monroe Strong?

August 3, 2012 04:21 by Brandon

Not many celebrities continue to make millions of dollars decades after their death. But then again most stars look dull next to the stunning Marilyn Monroe.

Sunday marks the 50th anniversary of Monroe's passing, and her brand is as strong as ever. In fact, according to the Washington Post, she made it back onto Forbes' list of highest-paid deceased celebrities this year after having fallen off in the previous two years.

Authentic Brands Group, the current owner of Monroe's estate, plans to boost her brand even more this fall. "The company is in the midst of upgrading Monroe offerings from trinkets to cosmetic lines, spas, salons and apparel," reports the Washington Post. And, of course, she's available online -- Monroe's got a Twitter account, a website, and an official Facebook page, all of which she updates "from beyond the grave."

"Our aim has been to clean up the brand," Authentic Brands CEO Jamie Salter told the Washington Post. The company wants to shift away from "souvenir-type stuff" and more toward luxury gift ideas with partners like Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and MAC Cosmetics.

Is your brand Marilyn Monroe strong?

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