Marlboro's Birthday Gift to a Non-Smoker

June 6, 2013 05:25 by Brandon

Motivators' director of operations and customer care, Tony, has never smoked a cigarette in his life. And yet yesterday he received a promotional birthday gift from none other than Marlboro, the largest selling brand of cigarettes on the globe. Check it out:


As you can see, the ashtray came in a rustic-looking tin box. A small piece of paper reads "Happy birthday from Marlboro," and, of course, features the brand's logo. Best of all, Marlboro actually customized the ashtray with Tony's initials. Talk about a personalized gift!

I don't condone smoking and I certainly don't want Tony to start just because he got a cool gift. But the unique promotional product is still worth mentioning.

Have you ever received a branded birthday gift in the mail? Share your story!

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February 1. 2014 09:01


I just received a personalized birthday ashtray in the tin box gift 8 days before my birthday and hate to mess it up with ashes, so I am going to keep it as a collectible.  I have been smoking Marlboro and other Phillip Morris smokes since I was 14 and the older I get, I started going with their cheaper brands because the Marlboro burns just like the rest and cost 4 times more money.  I agree, the initials on the ashtray from Marlboro is one awesome gift, especially the tin box the ashtray came in.


February 4. 2014 05:11


It really makes a great gift, and helps Marlboro stand out against the competition! Thanks for your comment, Michele.


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