Power Of A Stressball

January 24, 2012 10:37 by Sung

Many people don't realize the power of a stressball. Besides the various characters and shapes it comes in, something so small and simple helps if you are having a rough day. Our staff acutally put together a humorous video to show the how effective a stress ball can be. This is why I always have my handy promotional stress ball on hand for hectic days. My favorite one out of the bunch has to be this promotional laughing stress reliever. It play's a laughing sound which will defenitly brighten up your mood. So next time you are having one of those days, pick up a stress ball and squeeze away.

Laughing Stress Reliever

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January 24. 2012 16:24


haha I love this stress ball too, it's one of my favorites!! And the video is hystericalSmile


March 7. 2012 22:35


Haha I like it. Thank you.


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