Promoting 'The Smurfs 2': From Britney to Smurfberries

June 18, 2013 04:20 by Brandon

"The Smurfs 2" will hit theaters on July 31, 2013, and promos for the film are already well underway.

Yesterday, pop star Britney Spears released her new single, "Ooh La La," which is featured on the movie soundtrack. "I have always loved the Smurfs as a kid and now my boys are the biggest Smurfs fans ever," Spears said in an official statement back in April. "I wanted to surprise them with a song in the movie. I know they'll think it's Smurftastic!" The song played hourly on New York's biggest radio station, z100, all day yesterday. Listen to the track here.


McDonald's will also help promote the upcoming film. According to a press release, "The Smurfs 2 is McDonald's most anticipated promotion for 2013, with a focus on positive nutrition messages for children." The fast food chain will unveil a "Smurfs 2" Happy Meal worldwide, which will highlight fruits, veggies, dairy and, of course, Smurf toys. Can't wait to check it out!

Some very special promotional food items will help build hype for "The Smurfs 2," as well: Smurfberries! "In anticipation of the release of Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation’s The Smurfs 2, in theaters July 31, Gourmet Trading Co. is bringing back the iconic characters to the labels on its packages of California, Oregon and British Columbia blueberries," reports The Produce News. Yum!

Other promotional partners include Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Build-A-Bear Workshop and Discover the Forest.

Will you see "The Smurfs 2" when it premieres this July?

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