Saving Up for iPhone 5? Where to Sell Your iPhone 4, 4S

August 31, 2012 03:39 by Brandon

With Apple's next phone rumored to be released on Sept. 21, current iPhone users are already trying to sell their devices. Who will give you the most money for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S? 

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Apple announced yesterday that the 4S is now part of its website's "Reuse & Recycle" trade-in program. That means that current 4S owners can sell back their iPhones and receive an Apple gift card.

According to the Huffington Post, "Just choose your iPhone's storage capacity, color and condition from a drop-down menu on Apple's website, and you'll see an estimate of how much Apple thinks your iPhone 4S is worth; the company pays for shipping and packaging and, upon receipt of your device, mails you a gift card to the Apple Store." Not bad, huh?

But what if you've got an older model iPhone to get rid of? Bloomberg Businessweek suggests checking out the following websites:

  • will purchase your 8-gigabye iPhone 4 for at least $200. A 16-GB device will get you an extra $30.

  • At you'll get just under $200 for an 8-GB iPhone 4 with normal wear-and-tear. Think yours looks more pristine? You could receive $230. The online retailer will pay up to $320 for used iPhones, depending on its condition and amount of storage space.

  • Many use, but Bloomberg Businessweek Warns: "...the thing about EBay is that it's like the wild west." What does that mean? There aren't very many rules; it's up to you to make a good sale.

  • offers a simpler transaction, but it still requires a lot of work.

Unfortunately you can't trade your iPhone accessories in. (Although, I could be wrong about that -- if so, let me know!) But no worries -- Motivators always has the most up-to-date iPhone and custom iPod covers.

Comment if you're looking forward to the iPhone 5 launch!

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