Sweet Lid

May 25, 2012 10:16 by Greg

I was recently back at my moms house helping to clean out the gutters and do some light yard work.  It was hot... really hot!  I hadn't planned on this when I left my house.  It is June but we have been having rainy april like weather.  I asked if she had any extra hats laying around.  She did.  My mom keeps everything.  She had a box of promotional caps that were mine from back in the day.  My grandfather use to give all the boys random hats that he had picked up throughout his travels or when he would go and donate his time at the salvation army.  I found some sweet trucker hats with adverstisments of " Joe's Oil Burner Service ", " Larrys Plumbing " but I also found some classics, like my little league town baseball hats.  I was able to grab a couple to squirell away for myself or for my grandkids. 

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