Why all the change?

June 10, 2009 04:17 by Bill P

I sometimes wonder why some companies feel the need to change the logo/labels so frequently. I totally understand why they are always coming up with new Promotional Products to give away to us the consuming public, they want us to remember them and buy their product (it totally works on me). I truly believe product recognition is a far better sales tool that actual product quality in most cases. Let's take two brands of beer as an example. Budweiser is probably the most popular beer in America. You see more people while out drinking Budweiser than just about any other beer out there. They probably give out more promotional products and have more logo changes than any other beer out there. I am also sure that if you poll most people drinking it they will say it is not their favorite beer they only drink it because of the swag and the price. Below is just a very small sampling of the many changes to the Budweiser label over the years, they have changed the label far more times than shown. Notice how they change the font, text and coloring of the logo. I feel if the product spoke for itself the need for the constant change would not be there, you would only have to give out the PhotoGraFX can holders and Key-Light / Bottle Opener.



Now you take a more flavorful, better quality beer like a Bass Ale and you see far less in the way of change to the logo. Sure they have changed the coloring and smaller text on the labels but the logo has stayed the same for well over 100 years, they let the product do the talking. It is the classic red triangle with the Bass name in script. See the images of the labels I have found.

Sure they hand out all the swag just like everyone else that is all they need to do. I do love my Bass Flexfit hat though!


I guees people that make lesser quality products just feel Promotional Items are not enough to get the point across.

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