YES! They do still make Fresca!

January 22, 2009 10:46 by Bill P

For those of you not in the know, Fresca is still being made and is a wonderful, refreshing citrus soda. I am a big fan of the Fresca and was shocked and appalled when I brought my favorite beverage into work and everyone said to me "They still make that stuff?" Maybe the makers of Fresca, The Coca Cola Company need to start promoting this wonderful soft drink so people know how great it is. They could have a nationwide campaign full of Promotional Products. They could have tastings in grocery stores and give the customer a promotional tumbler. They could also give every person who buys a 12-pack a promotional collapsable can koozie.


Fresca is obviously not a forgtten product by its maker since over the last year or so that have even come out with new flavors of Fresca.




So in closing I would like everyone to make it a point to go out and try a Fresca. I know you will like it!

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January 27. 2009 04:01


mmmm fresca.. i am a big fan


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